30 Days of Digital Do~s by Cheryl Oakes

 Take a photo through your window.

 Take a photo of your eye.

 Find a plant or a tree, take a photo.
 Take a photo of a hand.

 Take a photo of your kitchen faucet.

 Take a photo of your toothbrush.

 Take a photo of a collection of kitchen utensils.

 Take a photo of a smile.
 Take a close up of your shoe
 Take a photo of your lunch.
 Take a photo of a favorite item.
 Take a photo of a stuffed animal.
 Take a photo of someone looking away.
 Take a photo outside of your window. Take a photo of a shadow.  Take a photo of the sky.
 Take a photo of toes.

 Take a photo of a puddle.
 Take a photo of a dessert.
 Take a photo of your front door.
 Take a photo of  a book.
 Take a photo of happiness.
 Take a photo of colors.
 Take a photo of a stack.
 Take a photo of a sunset.
 Take a photo of your refrigerator door.
 Take a photo of your breakfast.
 Take a photo of your transportation.
 Take a photo showing the season.
 Take a photo showing time of day.
 You Did IT!!!!
 Now set your own challenge, or challenge with a friend!
If you have ever wanted to get better at taking photographs, this website will help you practice with a variety of subjects. Have fun, use any digital camera and then make your collection so you can share with others. I will take a photo each day and fill in the spaces with the photos. Meanwhile you can get started too!

A good place to begin sharing is with your family. You can share your photos right on your camera or your computer. When you are ready to share with a larger audience you can upload your photos to your favorite online photo site like Shutterfly, Snapfish and FlickR.  You will need parent permission if you are under 13, but otherwise, get out there and take 30 days of photos. Here are some things to DO!
Other projects:
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