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Focus Questions Trimester 1

 Focus Question Number    Question 
 9What is history and why do people study it? 

Hand-Out: Historical Thinking Skills

 16    How did the "Lunchroom Fight" help us to think like a historian? 

"Should protesting during the National Anthem be allowed?"

Bill of Rights Power Rankings (Hand-Out)
 33What is my strongest debate argument so far? 
 34How can I have a great debate? 
Debate Self-Reflection Hand-Out 

 45Create-A-Bill Activity (Counts as two Focus Questions!) 

Message To Students,

        Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies! My name is Mr. Campbell and I am located in Room 2127 of Abington Middle School. I am looking forward to an exciting, challenging, and rewarding year with all of you.

          Besides learning a great deal about our country, history, and society, you will  learn also a great deal about yourselves.  Instead of the  “When” and “Where”style of questions, we will concentrate a great deal of our efforts to on   “What do you think about this?“, “Why did this happen?”, and “Should this have happened” style of questions. Students will be able to support their opinions and be able to express them verbally or in writing. I understand that not every student is comfortable with verbally sharing their thoughts and opinions with the class, however these are the necessary skills needed for success in class and in our society. The more voices heard in our class, the greater experience it it will be for all of us.

        In order to create an  environment where we  can  freely express ourselves, respect must play a vital role. Besides respect for your fellow classmates,, it is equally important to uphold a high level of self-respect. Any form of disrespect by anyone towards another in the classroom is unwanted and simply will not be tolerated.      

     In order to succeed this year, it is essential that we keep open strong lines of communication. If you do not understand a classroom concept or assignment, simply ask. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help  if you have any concerns or questions! Between an open and honest communication system along with a dedicated effort, I can assure you that we will have a very rewarding year together.

                                         Here Is To A Great Year,

                                                                      Mr. Campbell


1. 1-inch 3-ring Binder

2. Dividers for Binder

3. Writing utensil(s) (pen preferred)

4.  Completed work

5. Positive Attitude

**Please Help The Abington Food Pantry with Canned Good Donations**

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