Version History

* Stability & graphical fixes introduced after using new libraries

v2.20 w/ new libraries ON STEAM (2/13/2015)
* Using latest github build of jMonkeyEngine 3.1
* Using LWJGL 2.9.3+ (latest gihub build)
* Changed Mac execution to match that of 3089 & 4089
* Built with Java 8 using Java 7 runtime format

* Fixed a thread leak issue that broke popular servers over time (thank you cartman-2000!)
* Added a message that tells you what item was lost on death

* Fixed "Error" results when determining your IP address for multiplayer games
* Fixed minor formatting errors in "Quick Help"
* Fixed Twitter integration
* Visors now require 20% energy before being activated (like the Jetpack)
* Tweaks to the Main Menu
* Built using the latest jMonkeyEngine build (with the latest LWJGL builds)
* Modified some of the sound system to support the latest jMonkeyEngine build

* Fixed a bug that caused construction tools with counts over 127 to not transfer in multiplayer correctly
* Construction tools now can only be charged to 255 (instead of 256)
* Updated the main menu to include links to the sequel (3089) & Twitter
* Updated the graphics configuration screen with better options
* Updated to the latest jMonkeyEngine build

* Updated some textures from Patrick Hoesly and bart
* No rebuild of 3079; version number stays the same to support multiplayer backwards compatibility

* Fixed multiplayer spawn problem; should also fix quest targets not appearing
* Improved color selection when making characters (no more jarring head & torso combinations)
* Improved character textures to give them more depth

* Fixed entity management in multiplayer: should save lots of bandwidth & fix "invisible NPCs"
* Fixed stealing in multiplayer
* Local items will now safely drop from storage that was destroyed by you

* Fixed a multiplayer memory leak bug (may have caused crashes on some machines)
* Remastered textures to proper sizes (may improve graphics compatibility)

* Mixed up sloped blocks with cubed blocks to give a more unique look to the terrain
* Sped up chunk generation
* Fixed a bug that caused mini-fighter thrusters (and demon sounds) to not use volume settings
* Fixed the "Error" when 3079 tries to get your public IP address
* Updated to the latest jMonkeyEngine build
* Updated to LWJGL 2.8.4

* Fixed the grappling hook "catch" sound always playing in multiplayer
* Made some balancing tweaks to stealing (made it more challenging)
* Updated to the latest jMonkeyEngine build
* Added a link on the main page to view my other projects (

* Fixed a bug that prevented reactivating the energy shield

* Added an energy shield utility that absorbs damage
* Slightly reduced standard armor defense values (to balance with new energy shield item)
* Items placed by quests will now be somewhere near the quest marker, instead of directly at it
* Added a waypoint feature with the satellite map
* The satellite map can now be moved with the mouse
* Fixed a crash when leaving the satellite map when underwater while in "No Effects" mode
* Fixed a rare crash when loading from an unreadable or corrupted player save
* Updated the underlying jMonkeyEngine to latest release

* Added "permanent death" mode: enabled via the console for hardcore players!
* Fixed a bug that caused characters to not spawn when hosting a non-dedicated server
* Improved the responsiveness of terrain loading a bit
* Updated preferences saving format; if you had volume/configuration settings being lost, this should fix it
* Fixed a reported inventory exploit
* Fixed a reported rare crash in the terrain loader
* Loading screen now selects the first option & the <ENTER> key can load selected games

* Improved terrain loading speed & build order
* Purchased miniships will now position themselves better
* Added a note to purchased miniships that they will disappear if abandoned
* Fixed a bug in faction symbols when taking over an enemy fort

* New quest to take over enemy forts!
* New "Miniship Vendor" block: purchase minifighters for your fortress!
* Leaves texture redone
* Inventory items will now be scaled correctly (e.g. no more stretched out shotguns & swords)
* Fixed a multiplayer map crash
* Improved the placement accuracy of the construction tool & building blocks
* Dieing targets will now become slightly transparent and red
* Item descriptions are now sorted better
* Merchants now have a better variety of items for sale
* Satchel bombs will now properly destroy brick and concrete
* You should no longer immediately punch after placing your last building block
* Made a tweak that should hopefully fix the remaining multiplayer character synchronization bug
* Energy stat increase will now happen less for small energy brownouts
* You will no longer lose credits when dieing in the air on a new game
* Slightly decreased armor defensive points (should help damage balancing later in the game)
* Slightly lowered item resale rate
* If you make your saved game directory hidden (.3079Saves), 3079 will use it properly now
* Decreased the Demon's ambient sound volume a bit

* Map system! Default "M" key toggles map, movement keys pan
* New destructible item: satchel bombs! They can destroy all terrain & building exteriors
* New controls to adjust sound effects and music volume independently
* Construction tool can now be charged up to 256 build points, in increments of 48
* Capital ships will no longer spawn over the starting city
* Capital ship weapons will now destroy terrain like satchel bombs
* Items should no longer spawn inside turrets
* Other blocks are now placed in buildings to give rooms more "character"
* Antigrav device will now be disabled and unusable when flying in a miniship
* You can no longer use /home and /goto commands while flying in a miniship
* "Protect target" quest timer will no longer count down if you are too far away from the target
* When protecting a target for a quest, the target will always accept a follow request
* Local IP address is now shown in addition to public IP when starting a server
* Made the starting Main Menu more space efficient
* Quests will now be generated a bit farther away
* Radar image was slightly improved

* Fixed a hanging crash that happened randomly
* Fixed a Windows crash when returning back to the Main Menu
* Items will drop from targets you've done significant damage to (instead of just getting the last shot)
* Exterior building walls (and doors) are now destroyed by capital ship fire
* Mini fighters now shoot accurately when banking and rolling
* Confirmation key (default F2) is now configurable
* Player lists in multiplayer games now show levels
* Levels are now properly synced between players in multiplayer
* Buildings will no longer be generated near (or within) city border walls
* Added a new multiplayer command "/givecredits" for exchanging credits
* Camouflage increases in multiplayer now require at least 10% damage to be dealt
* Accidental bullets and splash damage won't hurt your faction so much anymore
* Mining skill should increase a bit quicker when using a higher level drill
* Automatic player saves now happen more regularly
* The demo version of 3079 can now run dedicated servers for full versions
* Characters and mini fighters now rotate up & down correctly in multiplayer games

* Mini-ship hijacking! "Interact" with mini-ships to use your strength to attempt a hijack
* You can now grapple to mini-ships (and big ships) using the grappling hook
* Extended the main storyline (level 5 requirement on demon heads & new demon influence challenge)
* New item: night vision goggles! (with a new key mapping to toggle goggles)
* New textures, including a unique player texture for multiplayer games from Urcheon
* Made cities spawn more often
* Added item attribute percentages to better explain/compare bonuses
* Giant enemies now can crush you when very close
* Players now start games with a level 1 radar
* Melee weapons will now hit more accurately according to the crosshairs
* Demon Smiters now do "normal" damage to higher level Demons, instead of none
* Tweaked the difficulty scale (starting game is a bit easier, but gets harder quicker)
* Gave mini-ships a little more health
* Really fixed the bug that caused mini-ships to stack
* Fixed a bug that caused quest targets to be turrets
* Normal (non-merchant & non-leader) guys will sometimes spawn in city fort buildings now
* Fixed a bug that caused some key mappings to not save correctly
* Fixed demon head coloring in inventory
* Generators will now generate more energy
* The "effects" indicator will now properly display on loaded games
* Improved performance a bit with day/night changes
* Added in a "Detects Level: 1-X" for radars (and night visors) in their descriptions
* Fixed the "ESC" key at the end of the game
* Fixed the "player killed by" messages in multiplayer games to be more accurate
* Fixed a bug that caused rare crashes and other oddities with held items in multiplayer
* Reduced the energy bonus caused by using items until your energy runs out
* Radar plots will now be removed immediately on target death
* Effects will now be properly cleared after respawning from death
* Lowered turret health a bit
* Fixed a bug in damage calculation when using the mini-ship weapon

* Dialog with characters! Normal guys now say something when interacted with
* You no longer drop items when dieing, which should resolve "lost all items" issues
* Added "Damage Per Second" and "Energy Per Second" to item descriptions
* Merchants will now properly respond to trade requests in multiplayer
* Doors will now open and close as expected (even bigger ones)
* Characters should no longer spawn in floors or walls in multiplayer
* Lights now should shine as expected past "chunk" edges
* Hopefully fixed a bug that caused item duplication with storage boxes and merchants
* Characters now will always drop 1 item, instead of sometimes 2
* Increased value of gems a bit more
* Further improved "chunk" building performance
* Fixed some radar plot coloring bugs
* Commands are now case-insensitive
* The "home waypoint" block now works in air
* First floors of buildings are no longer created locked (fixes "spawning in locked room")
* Fixed a bug that made grappling hooks not disappear when using a ship
* Grenades now bounce as expected when viewed remotely in multiplayer
* Mini-ships should no longer spawn on top of each other
* Explosions & hit "puffs" should no longer linger in multiplayer games
* Tweaked some networking code to improve bandwidth usage a bit

* Fixed a shader problem that caused a crash on some hardware at start

* 3D Weapons! No more paper-thin items when held!
* Radar item! Now you can use this item to plot nearby targets
* New high-resolution font
* New face textures from Urcheon
* Added another lower graphics setting for slower graphics cards
* Added configurable keybindings for console and chat logs
* Tweaked the cockpit images to give a little more perspective
* Fixed a multiplayer data corruption bug (which fixes the "missing chats" bug)
* Fixed a graphical glitch on concrete blocks
* Normalized the sounds further to give a more consistent listening experience
* Improved movement of network entities a bit
* "Start New World" option is now disabled when loading a player for multiplayer
* /goto now stops the player from trading with a merchant
* /goto now is limited by the distance you've traveled, not your level
* Fixed a bug that made everyone friendly when going to a "protect target" quest
* Improved resource usage by only initializing item graphics when needed
* Added dynamic network compression which should improve server CPU usage
* Simplified OpenGL shaders, which may fix the "black terrain" problem
* Open doors are no longer closed when loading a game
* Replaced the sniper sound with a new one
* Raised player name tags in multiplayer

* Turrets! Now you can build and find automatic defense turrets
* Mini-ships are almost complete: cockpits added (thanks to Urcheon) & many bugs fixed
* Mini-ships can now be safely stopped by holding the "stop ship" key
* Mini-ships are now immune to crashes for a few moments when taking off
* Mini-ships now have a thruster sound
* Mini-ships now have an afterburner ability by holding forward
* Added options to restart new worlds and delete previously saved games
* Fixed the ESC key to close out dialogs without popping up "exit game" message
* Added a confirmation dialog to committing suicide
* You can now build elevators
* Fixed a bug that caused mini-ships to spawn inside buildings
* Fixed characters being alive while showing 0% health
* Fixed a crash that happened when clicking "cancel" on the connection address dialog
* Fixed many server-related crashes, which caused "frozen characters" for clients
* Added new Humoid & Neander face textures (thanks again to Urcheon)
* Added a new "Very Basic" graphics setting for slow hardware that reduces draw distance
* Construction options can now be cycled quicker by quickly clicking the right-mouse button
* Fixed the storage box's construction point cost
* Improved starting faction with Humoids so accidental attacks won't cause global hatred
* Disabled camouflage while in a mini-ship
* Demons should no longer spawn in air when the Demon King is dead
* Attacking mini-ships will now affect the player's faction
* Removed rounding errors when characters are finding the correct rotation to look & aim
* You can now immediately activate batteries & generators when purchased at merchants
* Fixed a bug that caused the chat history log to stop updating after awhile
* Limited the console text entry length to avoid really long chat lines
* Found ways to improve networking performance by pre-compressing known item names
* Fixed a bug that made players stay invisible when using ships outside your view area
* Made tweaks to AI so characters investigate when losing a target, instead of still "attacking"
* Found some areas to improve CPU performance
* Made some tweaks to hopefully fix characters not showing up for other players in multiplayer

* Mini fighters "Work in Progress": Buggy in multiplayer, missing cockpit graphics etc.
* Huge 3D performance improvements: Intel HD cards should work much better now!
* Character collision problems / getting stuck in buildings should be fixed
* More polished & detailed textures from Urcheon -- thanks!
* Characters will no longer auto-follow you in multiplayer
* Fixed underwater textures
* Fixed a few rare crashes, some that only affected servers
* Fixed a bug that caused some projectiles to not show up in multiplayer games
* Fixed grappling hooks from not disappearing in multiplayer games
* Added password protection options for servers
* Added banning ability for servers
* Made explosions a bit quieter
* Extended the demo time period by 30%
* Made the sniper rifle require a bit more energy to fire
* /history now shows a chat log that can be toggled with the ~ (tilde) key
* Fixed a bug that made quest item names not appear in a quest description
* Using /goto or /home now disconnects you from a grappling hook
* Tweaked some logic in the "protection" quest to try and resolve a bug report
* Other more minor performance and bandwidth improvements

* Humoid and Neander cities/complexes now implemented!
* You will now start right above (and wake up in) a friendly Humoid city/complex
* Combined keys into one "interaction" key to talk with leaders, merchants & toggle doors
* Many updated textures: trees, dirt, buildings, grass, storage etc.
* Friendly characters should no longer attack each other when fighting in a group
* Reduced the number of free, random items found in buildings
* The server name you are trying to connect to is now trimmed of extra spaces
* Increased the demo time limit a bit
* Mining drill now destroys all soft terrain in addition to rocks
* Corrupted items with no graphics will no longer cause a crash, but an "error" item instead
* Changes to how items store data, which should help multiplayer network performance
* Followers don't cause other characters to auto-follow you anymore
* Followers don't disappear after death now

* Many multiplayer fixes: disconnects & chunk loading problems should be all fixed!
* Fixed the "Multiplayer Servers" link on my homepage -- much easier to find servers!
* All new character textures: new Neanders, Humoids, Ships & Demons! Thanks to Urcheon from Desura
* Improved AI: characters will now follow and jump more intelligently
* Performance improvements
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to stack items on top of each other in storage
* Character heads now pivot correctly at the neck when looking up or down
* Humoids now always have 2 legs, Neanders have 4
* Added more help and tips at the start of the game, especially for first-time players
* Maximum grappling hook and antigrav device support is now shown in inventory
* Characters should no longer spawn on top of each other
* "Action" key now closes the storage screen in addition to opening it
* Fixed a crash when a remote player uses a grappling hook on a demon in multiplayer
* Added an option to the dedicated server to specify the directory to save chunk data
* Dedicated server now can run without any graphical interface correctly

* Music! Different music for questing, wandering and fighting with smooth transitions
* Projectile/bullet trails: smoke trails for rockets & grenades, energy trails for others
* Dedicated server run via command line with java: java -jar 3079.exe --server [name] [population count]
* Limb damage effects: high-damage shots in the legs slow target, arms cause bad accuracy
* Items now show their individual weights in inventory
* Fixed bugs that caused weight inconsistencies
* Fixed a bug that caused weight to not be updated when buying / taking something from storage
* Reduced overall resale value of items
* Removed "resale" penalty from gems, making them worth more
* New fist graphics
* Limited the rate at which you can get free items at the end of the game
* Characters now will have a maximum leg count of 4
* New HUD indicator to notify player of current effects
* Grenades are no longer perfect cubes
* Grappling hook doesn't shake you anymore when reaching the hook point
* Minor changes to performance and memory management

* More fortress building blocks implemented: storage, traps and "home" blocks
* Fixed animations to be much smoother and natural
* Fixed Demo length bugs that caused the demo to end much sooner than it should in some situations
* Fixed a bug that allowed quests to succeed when killing non-quest targets
* "Getting stuck in other characters" bug should be fixed
* Distant sounds should be more quiet
* Lighting improvements: more accurate, faster & less resource intensive
* Added a limit to using recharging stations
* Improved placement accuracy in building / construction
* Changing construction modes no longer spams message area
* Updated jMonkeyEngine which should improve reliability & performance

* Characters now have more polygons, giving them a less blocky look
* Fortress building preview: you can now build things with a construction tool; not finished yet!
* Multiplayer servers will now detect a public IP address to share
* Added a placement indicator for building blocks and the construction tool
* A red "X" will place itself over your crosshair when energy is too low to fire
* Finally fixed the level bug; you should no longer see excessively high level characters for their area
* New games will no longer start in mountain areas that can be difficult to traverse
* Increased performance by reducing the rate at which characters scan for new nearby characters

* Fixed a grappling hook crash with some saved games
* Items can now be swapped in your inventory
* Added a /compass console command to get your heading
* Updated the /location console command to reveal current area's level
* Increased the maximum mouse sensitivity setting

* Multiplayer has been completely redone & should be much better
* Z shortcut for antigrav device fixed
* Demon pull has been reduced to 90% of your movement speed
* Extended the allowed name to 9 characters
* Multiplayer client should no longer get hung up waiting on incoming chunks when trying to quit
* "Life support brownout" now reads "Insufficient energy to fire!"
* Will now try to detect whether your machine can support my anti-aliasing shader
* Fall damage will no longer be calculated on the server
* Grenades are now less bouncy
* Added a "/help" note on the console
* Added more help to the "Game Guide" on the main menu
* Added an "Easy Mode" to the game, set when starting a new game
* Added an option to change the "Field of View" when configuring graphics
* Multiplayer server tweets now show version number
* Fixed a memory leak in collision detection
* Made chat text a bit brighter
* Added some help about getting the right IP address when sharing multiplayer info
* Fixed a crash that would happen with certain graphics hardware
* Fixed a crash with multiplayer grappling hook use (may still have some minor bugs...)
* Fixed a crash when a merchant dies while trading with them in multiplayer

* Added more backwards compatibility with older graphics hardware

* Using an updated version of jMoneyEngine that should improve reliability

* New textures by Deon (from Bay12 forums) -- thanks!
* Fixed: poison status carried over into other new games
* Fixed: you could steal character's effects
* Fixed: you could activate multiple antigrav devices
* Fixed: quest targets sometimes didn't spawn correctly
* Fixed: characters sometimes spawned with higher than normal levels
* Fixed: items couldn't be picked up in downward elevators
* Fixed: multiplayer lag (hopefully!)
* Fixed: leaders would always be waiting for details on a quest in multiplayer
* Fixed: players using camo in multiplayer should now always be correctly synced
* Fixed: a rare crash when saving game
* Fixed: conventional anti-aliasing will always be disabled to prevent crashes
* Fixed: biome edges are now smooth
* Made grappling hook/antigrav device use weight to determine if it can be used
* Game is now saved periodically to prevent loss during unexpected exit of game
* Updated crash window to say "Try turning off Advanced Graphics before contacting me"
* Extended the day/night cycle a bit
* Reduced the number of demons at night at the start of the game
* Reduced the number of capital ships being spawned
* Reduced the number of flying characters in general
* Assault rifle now has a "burst fire" behavior
* Stamina increases are now easier to get
* Strength points now support more weight (causing less increases in Strength by being overburdened)
* Characters will now hold items properly, and they will be sized correctly
* Made elevators wider & easier to use
* Cancelling the graphics setting window will bring you back to the Main Menu
* Added a "Poisoned!" warning message when poisoned by terrain
* Other small tweaks to improve performance

* Keys are now configurable
* Help is now dynamic based on customized keys
* Added a bit more info to the in-game help screen
* Improved the grass and desert textures
* Renamed "Special Effects" to "Advanced Graphics"
* Added mipmapping to "Advanced Graphics", making textures look better
* Made attacker/follower indicators a little more transparent
* Fixed a bug that caused followers to get locked together
* Fixed a bug that caused the game to remain frozen after quitting from help

* Changed 3079's theme & logos thanks to burningpet
* Added more texture detail to interior walls and floors
* Made character coloring more consistent
* Added attacking and follower indicators
* Fixed following behavior in multiplayer
* Fixed faction inconsistencies in multiplayer
* Fixed a rare server crash on client connection
* Added graceful exception handling with error messages for reporting

* Fixed the spawn rates of capital ships
* Quests are properly cleared when quitting and starting a new game

* Multiplayer networking improvements: should be smoother with slow clients
* Added game exit confirmation
* Item information pops up quicker
* Weight information is now displayed
* Generators and batteries have an activation count limit of 4
* Items can only be customized / engineered once
* Tweaked which items can be customized
* Faction-specific forts are now implemented
* Added a /history command to view past messages
* Added a quest to destroy capital ships
* Added a quest to infiltrate an enemy fort and install a trojan
* Fixed doors closing on people
* Added "health" consoles in buildings that recharge health & energy
* Slightly reduced overall health regeneration
* Slightly reduced the amount of flying characters
* Tweaked building floorplans to be more "sneaky" friendly
* Added messages when a player kills another player in multiplayer

v2p9.1 (full version only)
* Fixed the Demon Smiter (Demon Smiters collected in v2pre9 were broken, sorry!)
* Capital ships will no longer "walk" if they touch ground

* New special effects: anti-aliasing, damage & underwater blurring
* Capital ships: rare, huge ships that destroy everything!
* Poison biomes: don't walk in these areas without protection!
* Overhauled the way characters find targets and engage: much smarter!
* Effect Transfer Units now should work reliably in multiplayer
* Silenced weapons now work and sound as expected
* Fixed bugs with health and statistics being synchronized in multiplayer
* Fixed a crash with sunlight changes
* Fixed another crash when receiving data before the game was fully loaded
* Improved the cloud texture to look seamless
* Made underwater detection more accurate
* Renamed "poison" items to "decay" to remove confusion with the new biome
* Improved the "cone of sight" for characters
* Item drops on killing is now limited to 1 or 2 items, 4 for capital ship kills
* Dismembering characters will now work in multiplayer
* Made kills more likely to cause dismemberment
* Slightly extended the day/night length, and as a result, the demo
* The /goto command now requires full health & costs 50% health on use
* Assault Rifles now do a bit more damage
* More changes to internal code to improve performance

* Multiplayer should be "fully functional" -- no known bugs
* The final battle with the Demon King now works in multiplayer
* Grappling hook is now functional in multiplayer games
* Fixed a crash when receiving updates before the game fully loaded
* Fixed the objectives info key to properly detect if you have a Demon Smiter
* Flying characters will now lower their arm correctly after attacking
* Improved performance in object processing (should help with large servers)
* Servers will no longer draw characters very far away (near other players)
* Your faction will no longer change when attacking/killing other players
* You can no longer steal from other players
* You can no longer send useless "follow" requests to other players
* Increases in base statistics are now properly synchronized in multiplayer
* Slightly increased # of leaders in buildings
* Fixed a crash when loading a game for a multiplayer that had no single-player component
* Fixed a collision bug that caused players to get locked together in multiplayer
* Tweaked Demon King respawning code to happen quicker & closer to the ground
* Other minor adjustments to improve network bandwidth usage & performance

* Added fancy new horizon graphics
* Extended the demo: you can now travel much farther
* Multiplayer models are now unique, determined by your name
* Updated the main menu's screenshot
* Fixed the blinking "You are dead" message in multiplayer
* Fixed damage inconsistencies in multiplayer
* Fixed players spawning in the same location after dieing at start in multiplayer
* Fixed a few server crashes, improving stability
* Fixed a bug that caused some characters to not be updated remotely

* Multiplayer is functional (but not complete) with Twitter integration, start playing and report bugs!
* Added an 'Objectives' option to explain steps to progress the main storyline
* Added a console used for multiplayer chatting, server and location management
* Fixed projectile collision detection accuracy
* Fixed a bug with HUD messages piling up
* Other minor fixes

* Fixed the nasty projectile damage bug in v2.0-PRE5
* Improvements to multiplayer bandwidth use
* Shortened the version number :)

v2.0-PRE5 (BUGGED!)
* Character models will now be more proportionate
* Closing the game window via the "X" will now properly bring you back to the main menu
* Added more detail to character face textures
* Improved memory usage
* Mutliplayer is almost fully functional: still needs name tags, chat and bandwidth improvements

* Fixed crashes on Windows machines when quitting game (other crashes may be fixed too)
* Further multiplayer improvements: damage/models synchronization & reliability improvements
* Multiplayer to-do: clean up item duplication bugs, held item synchronization, name tags, chat etc.

* Collision detection between player and other characters added
* More multiplayer functionality: characters are shared within server player's area (still a "work in progress")
* Fixed the bug with terrain data geometry not being removed in multiplayer games
* Anti-gravity packs no longer "lift" the player when activated in air
* Slightly extended day and night time
* Added more help to the main menu (make sure you read it!)
* Internal efficiency improvements

* Added an 'Invert Mouse' option ('END' key)
* You no longer can toggle antigrav packs while using a sniper scope

* Multiplayer preview #1! Terrain data is shared; more to come...
* Tweaked "look" of 3079 to make world seem more alien
* Fixed the "stuck in sniper scope" bug (let me know if you may still have this problem)
* Updated the main menu

* Added an in-game option to adjust mouse sensitivity (using page up/down keys)

* Destructible terrain! All soft terrain (snow, leaves, dirt, grass etc.) can now be blown up
* New textures sprinkled about (flowers, cracks in walls, knots in trees etc.)
* Fixed a bug with some sloped terrain not being aligned correctly
* Added more space for fonts on the main menu
* Fixed a bug that caused damage when getting "hung up" on edges of terrain
* Interior walls and floors will no longer use the same texture in a building

* Sloped surfaces! 3079 is now less blocky :-)
* Added 'Game Help' to the main menu
* Tweaked weapons a bit (rifle uses less energy, sniper rifle shoots slightly slower etc.)
* Improved "chunk" saving format to something faster and more reliable (old saved games will automatically be converted)
* Tweaked garbage collection to further reduce lag (which is already very low)
* Changed the main menu's look

* Really fixed the "blue screen" bug -- it should be gone for good!
* Fixed the heights of snow-capped mountains
* Improved performance a bit on generating new terrain (in preparation for sloped surfaces)
* Players will no longer start over an ocean

* Fixed the "blue screen" bug -- saved games affected by this should now work
* Improved internal handling of memory allocation
* NEW BUG: Snow-capped mountains are all the same height (preparing for sloped surfaces, will be fixed...)

* Improved handling of models
* Significantly increased the time of the demo
* Made it clear what triggers the demo to stop when it stops

* Fixed problems with the demo not saving graphics settings
* Screen pain overlay and detection meters are properly cleared between games

v1.6.8.1 BETA (DEMO only)
* Increased the demo time by 30%

v1.6.8 BETA
* Cleaned up the installers so the full version would correctly overwrite demo versions

v1.6.6 BETA
* First public release