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While 3079 shares Minecraft's look and charm, the gameplay in both very different. I have never played anything quite like 3079, and was instantly addicted! At first, the game can feel somewhat daunting due to difficulty and not knowing the mechanics, but like anything, it gets better with practice.

The game's core elements are a mix of exploration, combat and character progression via skills, stats and loot. It is played entirely in the 1st person perspective, and much like Minecraft, the game world is procedurally generated and made mostly of square blocks. Where 3079 differs is the variation of the environments, including huge forts and spheres suspended in the skies. There are also several different types of landscape styles, such as desert, mountains, forest and so on.

To make this guide easier to read, I've decided to break it up in sections and keep it mainly point-form.

The basics:

- Before starting the game, be sure to read through GAME HELP on the launcher as it contains the basics of the world and gameplay

- If you wish to survive the planetary descent, deactivate your antigrav pack (Z key) and plummet down until you get near the ground. This will ensure you keep your starter items, giving you fairly big edge on early survival.

- The majority of denizens come in two flavours and you are automatically allied with the first: The Humoids, which have their heads atop the shoulders, like a human. The enemies are the Neanders, which have their heads coming out of their torsos.

- Apart from those two, you have demons and Capital ships. Demons are red and slightly translucent, and are very dangerous at the start. They will also suck you towards them if you get too close. The telltale sign is the odd droning sound they emit. Capital ships are huge strutures that will attack any denizens and pack huge firepower, so keep an eye out for them.

- The game's main quest starts with acquiring a demon smiter and killing demons, as described in the game help. Stay away from demons until you have the means to kill them!

- Death means randomly losing an item and taking a small penalty on your credits. Dying in a heavily populated area will also clear it of both Humoids and Neanders, making item recovery fairly safe.

Skills, stats and equipment:

- You get better by using your skills and doing things to raise your stats. Most are obvious enough. Run out of energy, and your energy will go up. Run around overweight and your strength will increase, raising your weight limit. Shoot things to get better at guns. Socket items anytime you can to raise your engineering skill, giving you the ability to socket each piece of armor (4 slots) and any weapons, giving them a huge boost.

- Your antigrav pack and grappling hook are your best friends. Once you gain too much inventory weight, they will stop working. Very important - higher level weapons weigh more, so keep all this in mind when shopping and pay attention to item levels, as well as your antigrav pack and grappling levels!

- I highly recommend always having a sword, gun and grappling hook in your four quickslots. I use #1 for the grapple, as it's incredibly handy for a quick escape, specially from demons that pull you towards them!

- You have four armor slots and I highly recommend using them as soon as you can! Don't forget to mod them with engineering parts!

- You can have up to four activated energy items in your inventory; this includes batteries and generators. You can mix and match them as you see fit. Want 3 batteries and one generator for more capacity yet slightly less regen? Go for it!

Structures and Tactics:

- Forts and structures are placed randomly in the generated game world. Some forts are Humoid or Neander; you can tell by the icon that will be repeated along the walls. If none are visible, it could be an empty structure, or it could be a mix of both!

- Clearing out enemy forts is an excellent way to get kills and equipment, as they are separated by rooms with doors. This means you can play tactically and take on one or two enemies at a time, and never be surprised.

- If you are not in a building, try and find cover anytime you engage enemies. Note that loose earth can be destroyed by certain firepower (heavy guns), so this can be both good and bad, depending on who has the gun! If you have it, you can easily shoot yourself a small cave or hole to temporarily avoid danger.

- You will often receive quests to destroy capital ships. Be sure to gather followers (go close to allies and hit F) and also make sure you engage it with plenty of cover. My favorites are high forts with openings and walls.

Weapon types:

- Swords are the game's melee weapons. They are up close and personal, and very powerful. They do not drain energy when used. Keep an eye on delay and damage, these are the two primary stats. I recommend saving those +Melee damage parts for these bad boys!

- The next are guns, which come in a few varieties:

* Precision rifles shoot slower, but are more accurate, perfect for sniping (and capital ships!)
* Shotguns have several projectiles and are better for close range; if each projectile hits the enemy, they cause great damage!
* Heavy guns are slower, with medium accuracy and cause splash damage (that also destroys certain blocks)
* Launchers typically have bouncing projectiles and cause a great deal of damage if you can land hits with them
* Blasters are the fastest guns, with low delays and low damage, but are great for close up - be sure to mod them with +projectile engineering parts!
* The grappling hooks can also pull enemies towards you and cause damage! Try them out on capital ships, too!