1) Can I make a Let's Play video of 3079?

    You certainly can! I give anyone permission to record themselves enjoying 3079 to share with others on YouTube for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Please tweet me a link of your video so I may share it with other fans!

2) I'm having trouble installing 3079!

    3079 generally comes as a "JAR Installer". This is a Java executable. First, make sure you have the latest version of Java installed. You should just be able to double-click the 3079Installer.jar file and it should install. If the file downloaded as a ZIP or RAR, and/or it opens up in a compression utility "like a folder", try right-clicking the file and select Open With... and finally "Java Runtime". This often happens if your browser thinks it is downloading a compressed file, or if you have a compression utility associated with JAR files (instead of Java).

3) I have a cool idea for this game!

    You can share your idea over at the official forum. However, 3079 is currently in "maintenance" mode where I will only focus on bug fixes, since 3079 already is packed to the brim with fun features. I am spending most of my development time on new projects, like 3089.

4) I found a bug!

    Please report any bugs you see that are not on the known bugs list.

5) I want to keep my items when I die!

    In 3079, when you die, you lose one random item out of your inventory. This is the primary penalty of death, and it is one of the main reasons you should fear death. If I removed this penalty, then you wouldn't fear death, and a large motivating factor to improve your skill and character would be lost. I like to call this the "nerf death" request, and I don't plan on "nerfing" death. 3079 has a good balance between making death scary, while avoiding permadeathThis is the most recent forum topic on the subject.

6) How do I update the game?

    You have to get the update from the place you purchased 3079. If you purchased from BMT Micro, you are in luck! You have instant access to updates since BMT Micro doesn't require authorization for updates that I upload. To update with BMT Micro, revisit the original BMT Micro download link you got via e-mail when purchasing. Re-download and re-install 3079Installer.jar -- you will be updated!

    If you purchased from Desura or IndieRoyale, you have to wait until Desura staff authorizes the updates. The Desura client should notify you when an update is available. IndieRoyale customers can get the update from the IndieRoyale website itself (once it is authorized) by re-redeeming their purchase via e-mail. You should get updated links in the e-mail to re-download and re-install the latest version. Alternatively, you can import your key from IndieRoyale into Desura and use the Desura client to update 3079.

    Finally, if you got the game from GamersGate, you can check the version on GamersGate here to see if the latest version has been posted yet. Once it is posted, you should be able to download 3079Installer.jar from GamersGate and re-install to get the latest version.

    If you purchased the game on Steam, the Steam client will notify you when an update is available.

7) This is a copy of Minecraft!

    No, it isn't. You probably are just recognizing the blocky nature of the game. Many other games use blocky worlds, not because Minecraft uses a blocky world, but because blocky worlds are very flexible and easy to work with. Ace of Spades, Mythruna & Blockade Runner are examples of other blocky games. Keep in mind that Minecraft themselves got the idea to use blocky worlds from the game Infiniminer; Minecraft even took the digging and building ideas from that game. This isn't a bad thing -- great ideas are shared among games all the time (Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row, for example). Ultimately, my game just isn't about mining or crafting. It is the sequel to my two earlier futuristic, blocky action role-playing games made before Minecraft: 3059 and 3069.