Rear Power Sun Shade

While reading one of the MB forums I learned about a factory Rear Power Sun Shade.  A few weeks later while  roaming through the local pick-n-pull I spotted a 124 with a Rear Power Sun Shade.  Since my car didn't have this option I decided it was time for a retrofit!  Returning the next Saturday we pulled all the hardware, rear parcel shelf and wiring for the project.

The installation was done over winter in two parts.  Part one was installation of the shade and replacement of the parcel shelf.  Part two was installation of the switch and new wood (needed another switch opening) on the dash.

Here is a photo of what my old sun shade looked like:

And the new shade:

Here is a video of the new (used?) power sun shade in action:

The final "tweak" was the addition of a flashing brake light module shown here:

UPDATE:  During the original install the rear shelf from the donor car was used. However I was not happy with the color mismatch so I decided to modify the original shelf making it a three part install.

If you peal back the insulation / sound material you can see the shelf is marked for the required opening.

A hacksaw blade and sharp knife is all that's needed to cut the opening.

Below you can see the difference in color - donor on the left, original on the right.
Next I skinned both the piece that was cut out and the donor filler plate.  
Cleaned the old glue off the filler plate.  
Then attached the original material to the filler plate using the contact cement left over from installing a new hood pad.

Finally I removed the base from the original third brake light and screwed the remaining part to the filler plate.  Factory parts made a factory look!