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Window Issues

The window in the left rear door stopped going up one day.  After pulling the inner panel I found a broken cable.

The cable in the above photo was attached inside the motor where my finger is pointing (in the lower photo).

Upon further research I discovered that the rubber mounts for the motor were broken. The two items I'm pointing at (in the below photo) is a rubber mounting bumper and bolt that should be one piece.

The motor and lift assembly are not available as separate items. Below is a photo of what the eBay replacement part looks like.

Here is a photo of the bad part that was removed.  The broken cable is below the red arrow.  Those 3 studs (yellow arrow pointing left) were originally part of the 3 studs on the motor (yellow arrow pointing right).  There was rubber that acted as a shock / vibration absorber between the two studs.  As you can see all 3 where broken.