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282,527 Mile Repairs

After compiling a long list of to-do's on July 14, 2012 I started my Biggest Repair project. . .    

  On August 8'th repairs were completed, those repairs included:

Replace gasket on bottom plate of fuel injection pump
Replace inspection plug on transmission bell housing
Replace lower radiator hose
Replace thermostat
Replace coolant level sensor
Replace water pump
Check timing chain (stretch = 2 degrees)
Remove, check & reinstall vacuum pump (new gasket)
Replace / Convert Wastegate Actuator (from vacuum - pull, to pressure - push)
Replace Motor Mounts
Clean & flush radiator
Replace Timing Chain
Ream & Replace Glow Plugs (5)
Install Rebuilt Injectors
Install new fan clutch
Remove & block EGR valve
Replace chain tensioner
Install Boost Gauge
Replace serpentine belt
Replace belt tensioner shock
Replace belt tensioner pulley

UPDATE: On August 13'th my wife rode in the car for the 1st time since doing all this work.  She gave it the 'most improved engine' award for a smooth idle and quietness.  What more could a guy ask for!

A video of the engine starting after the repairs is on the "videos" page.  If you look closely in the background you may seem some initial start-up smoke drift by :).

Here are photos taken during the repairs . . . .

Bottom Inspection Plate from Fuel Injection Pump w/old & new gasket

New gasket installed on Inspection Plate

New 180 degree thermostat and gasket

Picture of the block where thermostat belongs

Picture of old (factory) wastegate actuator and old water pump
Thermostat and new hose installed, water pump removed

New water pump

Timing mark - used to check chain stretch

Timing mark - used to check chain stretch

Chain Stretch (= 1 degree)

Old Timing Chain

Vacuum pump removed

See how clean the front of the engine looks?

Old (functional ?) EGR Valve

Emission and EGR related items

Air Cleaner, Heat Shield (faux firewall) removed for access to turbo

New "positive" wastegate actuator installed (looking up at the bottom of turbo)

New "positive" wastegate actuator installed

New and Old glow plugs (bad unit pointing left)

Testing glow plugs (tested both old & new)

Bad glow plug from #4 cylinder (notice carbon build up)

Glow plug reamer - used before installing new plugs

Built up carbon removed from glow plug hole

New timing chain, rebuilt injectors and glow plus installed

Forming the exhaust cover for the EGR / wastegate actuator conversion

Exhaust cover shaped

It started as a flat piece of copper

The exhaust manifold EGR connection

Exhaust manifold blocked, EGR mounting point
converted to feed the new  "positive" wastegate actuator

Temporary Boost Gauge Install