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New Hood Pad

Since buying the Benz the hood pad has been, well falling off.  This is an old photo (taken during a winter power outage while recharging a portable battery and running an AC inverter) that shows what it looked like after washing off the old pad at the high pressure car wash.

When it came time to install the replacement pad out came the scrapers and wire brush.  In this photo you can see the difference between the areas scraped and not.

With the old pad removed and the hood cleaned it was time to "dry" fit the new pad. In the photo below you can see a line in the middle of the hood.  It's a thin piece of bamboo that holds the pad in place while 1/2 of the pad is glued.  Look at the full size image (click on the picture) and you can see that the left (drivers) side of the pad is tucked in place while the right side is away from the hood ready to be glued.

Here you can see how the bamboo holds the pad while its folded away for application of the contact cement.  If you view the full size of this image you can actually see the contact cement on the hood and pad.

I decided to glue the hood in 4 sections (thanks to a suggestion from my wife).  The drawing below shows the approach used, the white block represents the hood pad.  The black line, the bamboo pole and the red line the stopping point for gluing.  

Fold the pad back to the bamboo and spray glue on the inner 1/2 of the pad (from the black line to the red line).  When dry, press, wait 2 minutes and repeat with the outer portion (red line to edge).  Wait 2 minutes and repeat on the other side of the car.

And here is the final product (its not a great photo - the heat shield caused a lot of reflection in the garage).  Upon review of my work I must admit the pad is closer to the right (passenger) side by about 3/8 of and inch.

Here is a photo of the contact cement that I used.  It's water and heat resistant, had a quick drying time and worked good.  Of course I used 2 coats of glue.

UPDATE: Happy to report that after a 2500+ mile loop of 8 states (MD, WV, VA, NC, TN, AR, KY, OH) in 10 days the hood pad looks like the day it was installed and no issues with the adhesive.