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Montreal QE

On the morning of June 10 2013 I jumped into the Benz and headed off for Montreal!   

Eight hours, 3 fuel stops and 492 miles later I pulled into the motel parking lot.  Truth be told, the old gal can go longer between stops than I can.

Four days, 492 miles and 2 fuel stops later the Benz was home and safely tucked away in the garage. The low for fuel mileage was 30.92 and the high 37.85 - not hard to tell which number was highway and which included my cruising around Montreal.

This may not be a big thing for many, but to me driving a 22 year old car with 294,000 miles on it 1,119 miles without calling AAA or CAA is something to smile about.  After the repairs done at 282,527 miles it felt like it would go the distance.  But nothing feels better than knowing your work passed the test.

There was spare fan belt, fuses, oil, anti-freeze, tranny fluid, tools, wire ties and duct tape in the trunk.  But the only time anything came out was to jump a co-workers Mazda and lube the hood release while in Laval (Quebec).

UPDATE 29/July/0213: On July 24th I made the same trip, this time for a CFL game, and am happy to report it was just as mechanically uneventful.