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Map Pocket Repair

The MB-Tex covering the drivers door map pocket has been loose since I purchased the car.  After recovering the B-Pillar's there was extra contact cement so it was time to tackle that map pocket.  This photo shows the loose material and my temporary solution for holding it in place, a garage door opener with sun visor clip (click for larger image). 

I used wooden sticks designed for mixing auto body putty or epoxy to hold the MB-Tex away from the panel.  And a few pieces of cardboard to protect the other surfaces.

Then I sprayed the door and MB-Tex with contact adhesive.  The contact cement can be seen at the top of the door panel between the wooden sticks.

After waiting the proper time apply a few clips to hold things in place while the glue drys.

Here are two photos of the completed repair.

These are the contact cements used.  The spray adhesive couldn't reach the inside of the pocket (without making a mess) so I used the bottle with built in brush applicator.