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Headlight Upgrade I

Although I like driving the car, driving it at night was a scary thing because the lights were so dim you were never certain they were really on.   So on a beautiful (42F, no snow, light wind) Saturday in January (2011) I decided to upgrade the headlights.

First thing was to use solder and heat shrinkable tubing to replace the (multiple) crimp connectors the previous owner installed when replacing the left headlight socket (2 times).  While doing this I also discovered that the left headlight was incorrectly wired (hi & lo were reversed).

Next I replaced the stock 65/45 watt bulbs with
intended for off road use.

With the increased wattage over stock the power draw will increase along with the heat produced.  So I installed a
Plug and Play Upgrade Wire Harness
 to protect the original headlight sockets from melting due to the increased heat of the new bulbs.

How did all this work out?  Driving to work the following Monday (at 5:45 am) was enjoyable, no one flashed their lights at me and I didn't need to use the high beam's just to find the car in front of me.

I'd recommend this low cost upgrade to anyone running the factory DOT approved lights.