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Flat Tire

On May 27 2010 I was half way home and jumped of the PA TurnPike to fuel up at a truck stop. While fueling I noticed the left rear tire looked low. It was a big shock because I had just checked air pressure at home the night before.

After fueling I backed to the air pump and filled it to the correct pressure. As soon as I removed the hose air could hear coming out of the tire!!! It was leaking so fast that there was no way I could drive the 30+ miles home before it would go flat.

So I opened the trunk and found a brand new
1991 (virgin) tire, jack and tools! None of these items had been out or on the ground since being installed at the factory.  Lucky for me I had just read the chapter on using the jack only two nights before so I was ready for the job.

After standing (OK, jumping) on the lug wrench to loosen the lugs, changing the tire was straight forward. When everything was put away I elected to take back roads home because I was a bit concerned that a 19 year old tire may not be up to an extended run at 72 MPH on the TurnPike.

The next morning as 
that 1991 tire was still holding air, but I decided to not push my luck and drove the Jetta.