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Door Panel

The door panel has always seemed 'loose' since owning the car, but it's finally let loose.

Wanted to close this thread with some information on how I fixed the arm rest.

Though the liberal use of deck screws and fender washers I was able to reattach it to the door panel.  One of the "L" shaped hooks (that slip into the metal inner door panel) was missing the vertical leg, another short deck screw replaced that.  The other "L" hook was broken off but I was able to locate it inside the door and with another deck screw was reattached to the arm rest.

After reassembly of the door all I can say is WOW, it's amazing how secure the panel and arm rest are.  The panel has always felt loose "in the center" since I took delivery of the car, turns out that broken "L" hook was the reason.

Thanks to those folks who suggested a home repair, the two best things about this repair is that the color matches perfectly and the low cost!