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Brake Job

While driving home from work the brake pedal went to the floor.  Pumping was successful and the car made it home very s-lo-w-l-y.

Upon diagnosis of the problem I determined the master cylinder was bad.  A new unit was obtained from the local Benz dealer along with 4 new rubber flex lines and lots of brake fluid (to flush out the old brown 1991 fluid).

Sadly the project was delayed when I was unable to get the system to bleed.  After a lot of trial and error I discovered that two of the bleeders and two of the brake calipers were clogged with crap.  After clearing out the dirt everything was back together and back on the road.

Two days after finishing the job I heard a pop at the right rear and afterwords each time I stopped metallic noises.

This lead to the determination that one of the rear disc pads had thrown the lining and was rubbing the rotor (metal to metal).  The car was parked while waiting on delivery of new pads (front & rear) and bleeders (Speed Bleeders).


This is a photo of the rear Pads: New - Worn - Gone