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Blackstone Oil Report

At 301,880 miles I decided it was time to have an oil sample analyzed by someone who does more than rub it between their fingers and smell it 

Since buying the car I've followed the MB recommended 5,000 mile oil and filter change schedule using Rotella 15W-40 oil. This was my first time running a synthetic oil in this engine and with 4,125 miles it was time. The oil report was better than I expected and only reinforces my confidence in this engine. 

Here is the Blackstone Labs Oil Report.  If your not familiar with these reports you can you can learn how to read them here.  Select "Gas/Diesel Report" then simply roll your mouse over the top of the purple fields to see a pop-up explanation for each item.

Background: We became familiar with Blackstone and having oil samples done by a lab after our 2006 Jetta TDI suffered an engine failure in 2010.  Since the engine was replace a sample has gone to the lab for every oil change (10,000 miles).