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B-Piller Rebuild

If your familiar with the W124's you know the leather (or MB-Tex) that covers the inside of the B pillar was foam backed and comes loose.  To quote someone else on this problem "Trying to re-glue that old vinyl is an exercise in futility. The vinyl has a foam backing that turns to powder after 20 years and the glue won't stick to the foam residue".  

Option 1 - get used units from the junk yard - they would be 20+ years old and odds no better than mine.
Option 2 - buy new units from MB.  That quote turned out to be $311.17 each (ouch).
Option 3 - recover the old parts.

Deciding on option 3 I headed out to the local fabric store.  After coming up empty at several fabric stores, I gave up trying to find simulated leather in the same colour. Instead I decided to used alcantara since it was available in a matching colour.

Removing the old material was easy (it was falling off).  After that you scrape off the remaining foam and glue.  Then clean the material to prepare for spay glue.  Next you use the old piece as a pattern to cut the new material.  Follow directions on can of 3M Super Trim Adhesive (yellow).  Then apply the material, roll out any lumps or excess material.  Clamp and wait for it to dry.

Here are some pictures of the before (left B pillar) and after (right B pillar).

After doing the right side we discovered that the clip at the top of the left cover was broken.  After a trip to the local U-Pull-It yard failed, no donor could be found, I headed into the garage to whip up some way of repairing the original.  The final repair shown below is my own design, turns out there is a Mercedes document that explains how to fix this problem.  Of course I didn't find it until after I was done.

Front View.

Side View - rivet just visible.

My bracket - bottom view.

My bracket - top view.