What is this site about?

On 17/March/2010 (St. Patrick's Day) I picked up a 1991 300D 2.5 Diesel Turbo with 260,625 miles on it.  The previous owner proudly proclaimed "this car is my beater and I treat it like one". 

On the drive home as tractor trailers with their 4-way flashers on passed me I questioned my decision.  I won't even mention my wife's comments about the car.  But it was too late, something happened on that drive and this car and I began our journey.  Initially I'd
 often thank the previous owner for his lack of attention after repairing something.  It's easy because the previous owner, is my cousin .

This site is an attempt to share pictures, information and stories of my journey transforming it from a noisy, smelly, slug into a daily driver.  I'm proud to say that transformation was complete in late August of 2012 when it officially became my daily ride. 

Although the car has become my daily driver the work doesn't stop.  I've now been able to do focus on improvements vs repairs and a ever shrinking to-do list. 

The Links to the left are sorted newest (top) to oldest (bottom) and cover some of my projects.  The maintenance history from the original owner until me was compiled from maintenance receipts.

Enough rambling, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the site as much as I enjoy the car.


This car had a history, now it has a future.

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