Outside toys for 3 year olds. Hot toys will turner. Digivolving digimon toys

Outside Toys For 3 Year Olds

outside toys for 3 year olds
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Heavy rains outside; shopping in Target.
Heavy rains outside; shopping in Target.
20100313. This was the only time on the trip I thought to pull out the camera, when I followed him from the toy section, where we spent most of our time, to electronics. It's really wild weather outside, cold blowing wind and swirling, stinging rain. An umbrella is more of an encumbrance than anything else; the rain comes right up underneath it. It's day 3 of what promises to be another 2 days of rain so we thought a car trip to Target would at least get him out of the house and it never hurts to buy another toy, right? At Target, searching for the toy is half the fun since the aisles are wide and tend not to be crowded and Sammy likes to go from shelf to shelf and then break away altogether for a nice long run. Today he picked out some kind of super-ball (claims it can bounce 75 feet) but we didn't buy that ($13 for a ball for a 15 month old who already has a collection at home seemed a little much); instead we got an etch-a-sketch (by another name). From house-to-car and from car-to-store, and back, was a wet windy affair but Sammy didn't mind and seemed intrigued by it. He knows the word "rain", and though he can't say it he can sign it. But he didn't sign it today. He just held his hand out in the air as I carried him under the umbrella and called out a hearty "ahhhh". At one point in the store Sammy walked up to a one-year old girl. The girl's mother said, "careful, she's aggressive", meaning, I guess, that she pinches or punches. But they stood face to face, both quite impassive, Sammy towering over her by a couple of inches, and then, without a word or smile, they both turned and went their separate ways.
Meeko outside
Meeko outside
I was adopted from an animal shelter in a rural southern town. Now, I'm neutered, 3 years old, and have a big fenced yard and friends to play with. My mom works for HSUS, and she travels a lot working to help protect animals, but I have my dad to stay home and take care of me, and I'm proud of the work she's doing! I also like the treats and toys she brings home to me from her trips! My lineage is anyone's guess (Australian Cattle Dog mix, perhaps?), but I'm one of the smartest, most charming dogs ever . . . so I'm told, very often!

outside toys for 3 year olds
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