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New Littlest Pet Shop Toys

new littlest pet shop toys
    pet shop
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Original Littlest Pet Shop collection
Original Littlest Pet Shop collection
So, long story short, I thought this entire collection was long lost after a move to my mom's new house. I remember sorting through my crap in the attic of our home in Lowell the summer of 2003. 4 years later, mom moves into the new place and I can't find my pet shop stuff. Anywhere. Today I went to mom's looking for a certain Halloween costume and found one of my favorite childhood collections!!! So happy! I started collecting these when we lived in Okinawa. I'm missing a couple of things (the tree that the squirrel, raccoon and skunk live in and my turtle set.) But they're probably misplaced in another toy bin. I never realized how spoiled I was until a few years ago... This collection kind of proves it. Mom said that the reason I got so spoiled was because I kept my toys organized and took care of them. I miss the originals..
Littlest Pet Shop #353
Littlest Pet Shop #353
One of two new acquisitions from Toys R Us today. (The other is a seahorse, yaay!) Toys R Us was having a buy one get one sale on LPS nooks. I figured I'd snap a quick photo of it as this'll be the only way I'll be able to remember the LPS numbers. For some reason, Hasbro doesn't list all of the pets on their website -- like this one, for instance.

new littlest pet shop toys
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