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best tech toys
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  • Tech is the name of the fawn and white lineage of English bulldogs, which serves as the live mascot of Louisiana Tech University. Tech is owned by the LA Tech Student Government Association and resides with either a faculty member or local alumnus selected by the SGA.
  • The Tech (Catalan: Tec) is a river in southern France, very close to the French-Spanish border. It runs through a valley in the Pyrenees-Orientales, in the former Roussillon, and is 84 km long. Its source is the Parcigoule Valley (2,500 meters high) and it feeds the Mediterranean Sea.
  • technical school: a school teaching mechanical and industrial arts and the applied sciences
  • (toy) a nonfunctional replica of something else (frequently used as a modifier); "a toy stove"
  • (toy) plaything: an artifact designed to be played with
  • An object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something
  • A person treated by another as a source of pleasure or amusement rather than with due seriousness
  • (toy) dally: behave carelessly or indifferently; "Play about with a young girl's affection"
  • An object, esp. a gadget or machine, regarded as providing amusement for an adult

(BEST VIEWED LARGE) Jim Rhodes was sick and tired of playing nursemaid to Tony Stark's sorry, drunken ass. Did the Man think he was the only one to come out of the 'Nam with nightmares? Rhodey had been there too..and you didn't see him crawling inside a bottle everytime some little thing went wrong. Goddamn hard to be a bodyguard when the boss was his own worst enemy! "Invincible Iron Man"! What a load of bookoo bull. He'd just about had it up to his armour plated butt playing corporate flunky; a flying Mr Fix-it kitted out in Stark's admittedly hardcore War Machine armour.... Here he was jetting his way across the damned ocean on his way to smooth over Stark's latest drunken blunder. For Christ's sake, while wearing the Iron Man armour he'd crashed into a Goddamned civilian airliner! Splashed it too! What the hell Tony!? Sure, boozehound or not, he'd still been enough of a hero to use his repulsors to cushion the fall of the most of it on a nearby at least there were survivours. Then he'd wobbled off into the skies. Talk about hit and bloody run. Later, he sent Rhodey back to 'Deal with it.' Just how was he supposed to do that anyway? Stark had already made the problem 'go away' at the corporate level. He'd shovelled a shithook load of money onto the weird little private foundation that turned out owned the island. Why send Rhodey at all then? Tony had muttered something about, "Insurance" and sent him off without so much as a by-your-bloody-leave. Helluva thing. He just knew none of his other ol' 'Nam buddies put up with this kinda crap. Betcha damn ass they were all pulling in big money flying commercial heavies themselves; none of this covert para-military shit for them, no sir! Christ. With his luck maybe one of them had been piloting the bloody Oceanic plane...wouldn't that be a kicker! Easy Jim. Coincidences that big just don't happen. As the clouds slid by Rhodey thought about his 'Nam bros. A-Number One pilots all. Austin, MacReady, O'Niell, Colonel Blackhawk...even that Looney Toons madman Murdoch and his tech Sgt. with the Bad Attitude, Bosco Baracus. (Awesome mechanic!) Hell, they'd never believe what old Rhodey was up to nowadays.... Shoot, all Rhodey wanted to do, all he'd ever wanted to do really, was fly. Leastways he could still do that. ----------------------------------------------- I could easily have called this one "Rhodey's Ramble!" or indeed, "All Rhodes Lead To Chrome". I promised myself I'd do a flying pic with an Iron Man figure and after doing the night shoot with Galactus I wanted to do something daytime outdoors. It was time to show the impact that "Irony Man's" drinking was having upon his friends, and I'd only just got the War Machine Marvel Legends figure so 'figured' the mojo was right... In the Iron Man saga, the long suffering James "Jim" Rupert Rhodes was a U.S chopper pilot in Vietnam who helped rescue Tony Stark from the jungle after the latter had his 'Origin'. After the war, Tony hired Rhodey as his pilot and bodyguard. At one stage Rhodey started wearing Stark's War Machine combat-optimised armour, which led to Rhodey's character getting his own spin-off book... Rather than photoshop the figure against a skyscape, I just took Rhodey outside, placed him on a piece of wire (later digitally removed) and took shot after shot until I got the right angle on the light and the right cloud and sky combo in the background. Oh, I'm afraid I had to use that silly arse socket that's built into the figure for its flight stand to fit into. Sorry Rhodey! The thruster burn and camera flares (all six of 'em!) are all photoshopped, and I've also done a little work around Rhodey's eyes to highlight them more. Funny, the sky started out socked in with grey clouds, not particularly good flying weather! I was actually okay with that, it suited Rhodey's bitter mood and the text. Then, the sun came out and sang to me and War Machine looked so damn fine in the light that I went for the Knight In Shining Armour look instead. Turned out 'ol Sol knew what I wanted better than I did. The soaring lightness is a wicked contrast to the text and underlines Rhodey's hellwithit, least I'm flyin' summation. Now that's Irony, Man!
(BEST VIEWED LARGE) Sometimes the most Starkly simple puns take me the longest time to create a sculpture for! Take this little bit of horseplay, for example, which revolves around the Marvel Comics character Iron Man and his secret identity, billionaire industrialist super genius Tony Stark. It started with one "My Little Pony" type plastic toy, found in the local Opportunity Shop for fifty Aussie cents. Add about a week's worth of sculpted Iron Man armour made from the two part epoxy putty, Milliput. Dye the mane and tail red. Paint the wee little beastie.... Oh, and then add accessories sculpted from Super Sculpey... A nosebag full of yummy micromachine Nanoats.... A tub for refreshing oil..... And a hi-tech hover-grooming brush (suggested by Bethany over at the Advanced Iron, Iron Man fansite; ta Beth!)....the brush itself used to be for toothy pegs. I've shot the picture against a small fern amidst some nicely scaled ground cover using natural daylight filtered through some overhead laserlight plastic. "My Little Tony" stands about 8cm tall, er, that's half a 'hand' at the withers! With the paint job I was trying for a 'worn toy' look, with a little bit of the styling of a chess piece. Yes, the visor hinges open, as you'll see in the next picture. Funny, everyone who sees this combo in the flesh picks up the grooming brush and has a go....

best tech toys
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