JEFFREY - Blues/Rock covers and originals band

JEFFREY  are a solid Blues/Rock covers and originals band!


You can be assured of a top quality band playing the best rock hits, 60s-10s,

including selections from the Triple J Top 100,  a bit of everything

Aldous Snow: "When the world slips you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry wall!"


Our Music
Blues/Rock, Indie, Pop covers and Originals

Rolling In the Deep


On My Mind


Band Members

Paul (Lead Guitar) a Gibson man.  You’re on a Highway to Hell when Paul straps on his plank and dials it up to 11!

Chris (Vocals) Chris sings like an angel and writes her own songs!  Chris will always stand up for your right to rock'n'roll!

Simon (Drums) Simon builds airplanes for a day job.  Simon’s your man to get high after a quick roll on the skins!

Russell (Bass) goes down low to get your knees trembling and heart pumping!

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