Sisal Carpeting

sisal carpeting
  • Carpets collectively
  • rug: floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)
  • (carpeted) covered with or as if with carpeting or with carpeting as specified; often used in combination; "the carpeted hallway"; "a flower-carpeted hillside"
  • The fabric from which carpets are made
  • form a carpet-like cover (over)
  • The fiber made from this plant, used esp. for ropes or matting
  • A Mexican agave with large fleshy leaves, cultivated for fiber production
  • Mexican or West Indian plant with large fleshy leaves yielding a stiff fiber used in e.g. rope
  • a plant fiber used for making rope
  • Sisal (Agave sisalana) is an agave that yields a stiff fibre traditionally used in making twine, rope and also dartboards. The term may refer either to the plant or the fibre, depending on context.
sisal carpeting - Sisal Rope
Sisal Rope Door Hanging Scratcher
Sisal Rope Door Hanging Scratcher
Great scratching post for every room or for limited spaces. Very simple design. Just hangs from the door knob of any door or can just lean against any wall, piece of furniture or household fixture. Get one for every of the room in the house to keep the kitty busy. Great for all your cats play and exercise. The sisal rope keeps your cats nails healthy and well groomed. This scratching post helps to train your cat not to scratch the furniture. Great for rescues or shelters. Fits right inside the cages and provides exercise and healthy nails for the cat. Get One For Every Room In The House And Keep Your Cat From Scratching The Furniture Hangs From Door Knob Or Anywhere In Your House New Plush Carpet Durable And Long Lasting Unoiled Eco Friendly Sisal Rope Post For Healthy Kitten Nails Solid Wood Construction

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'New' Carpet
'New' Carpet
Scored this baby off of Craigslist and it is perfect for the dining room. It needs a good bath, so I rented a Rug Doctor, but now reading the directions, not sure this fabric (feels like wool/sisal) will like the water. Crap. Calling my uncle, the carpet guru, for some advice.
Sisal Carpet
Sisal Carpet
Colourful carpet from sisal fibres, produced by patients of the mental hospital in Lutindi. Lutindi lies in the Usambara Mountains, NE Tanzania. The project is run by the Lutheran Church of Tanzania.

sisal carpeting
sisal carpeting
Shaw Contract Group 59410-10123 Welcome Carpet Tiles, 24-Inch by 24-Inch Tiles, 12 Tiles, 48 Square Feet, Beige
Specially designed for entryways, mudrooms, and garages, Welcome Carpet Tiles by Shaw Contract Group can trap 80 percent of the soil and moisture brought into a building or home. Easy to install and boasting an design, these tiles provide exceptional beauty, wear, and durability.
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Welcome Carpet Tiles
At a Glance:
Carpet tiles absorb moisture and remove up to 80 percent of dirt from shoes

Designed for entryways, mudrooms, and garages

Made with sustainable and recycled materials

Available in seven rich colors

Backing contains 40% recycled content

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Welcome Carpet Tiles by Shaw Contract Group
Durable and beautiful, Welcome Carpet Tiles are made of recycled material, and trap up to 80 percent of dirt from shoes. View larger.

Welcome Carpet Tiles by Shaw Contract Group
Welcome Carpet Tiles are availible in ebony, charcoal, navy, grey, chocolate, beige,
and brick. View larger.
Dense Texture for a Cleaner, Safer Entryway
Available in seven rich, saturated colors, Welcome Carpet Tiles immediately draw the eye with their heavy sisal texture and hobnail pattern. But their beauty is more than skin-deep. Able to absorb moisture and effectively remove up to 80 percent of dirt from shoes, these tiles protect indoor floors and help prevent slips and falls.
High-Strength Polyester Perfect for High-Traffic Areas
Because the Welcome Carpet Tiles are manufactured with high-strength polyester (PET) fiber, they offer superior tuft bind, no delamination, and no edge ravel. In other words, they won't cave under the pressure of heavy-traffic areas.
Perfect for a busy entryway in an office or residential building, or as a welcome mat in your home's mudroom, Welcome Carpet Tiles have a dense texture that provides an effective scraping surface and excellent absorption capability. The result is a cleaner, more inviting space, even on snowy, muddy, or rainy days.
Made with Environmentally-Friendly EcoWorx
Designed to be , Welcome Carpet Tiles are made with EcoWorx, the industry's first 100 percent sustainable, non-PVC tile backing system. EcoWorx tiles are recyclable into new EcoWorx backing at the end of their useful life.
Welcome Carpet Tiles are Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Green Label and Green Label Plus Certified for low-volatile organic compound emissions, so you can feel good about putting them in your home or business.
Durable and Fire Resistant
Welcome Carpet Tiles are the only needle-bond walk-off tiles to meet or exceed stringent fire safety requirements with a Class I Radiant Panel Classification.
The manufacturer recommends a premium pressure sensitive adhesive for installation of Welcome Carpet Tiles.
What's in the Box
Twelve Welcome Carpet Tiles measuring 24 by 24 inches (L x W). 38 pounds.

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