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Pendant Lamp Drum Shade

pendant lamp drum shade
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pendant lamp drum shade - Lite Source
Lite Source LS-1940 Boogaloo Pendant Lamp, Chrome with Fabric Shade
Lite Source LS-1940 Boogaloo Pendant Lamp, Chrome with Fabric Shade
LS-1940 Accent your home with this retro style energy saving pendant light by Lite Source. It features a chrome body and a rectangular shaped shade with overlapping multi colored orange, brown, and blue rounded cube designs. Equipped with the latest compact fluorescent technology, the Boogaloo pendant light will not only create a groovy atmosphere, but it will also significantly reduce your energy bills! Features: - One Light Pendant - Sleek Chrome Canopy - Multi Colored Fabric Shade - 20W Energy Saving Fluorescent, Medium Base, Spiral-Type Bulb (Included) - Base Dimensions: 5'' Dia - Shade Dimensions: 10'' H x 13'' W - Overall Dimensions: 10-60'' H x 13'' W

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07/28/10: DIY Pendant Drum Shade
07/28/10: DIY Pendant Drum Shade
Before and after. Although I'd like to have this hang a little lower (not enough chain given to do so)...I'm much happier now that the chandelier is gone. I'm the least feminine decorator ever...crystals and flower petals/leaves were not working. This $15 upgrade makes me happy.
07/28/10: DIY Pendant Drum Shade
07/28/10: DIY Pendant Drum Shade
Just to familiarize you with what disassembling a chandelier may look will not need any of this wiring...your goal is to preserve the wire coming down from the ceiling...these little wires just go to the candelabras.

pendant lamp drum shade