Best Wireless Scanner

best wireless scanner
  • Lacking or not requiring wires
  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"
  • radio: medium for communication
  • transmission by radio waves
  • A machine that examines the body through the use of radiation, ultrasound, or magnetic resonance imaging, as a diagnostic aid
  • someone who scans verse to determine the number and prosodic value of the syllables
  • an electronic device that generates a digital representation of an image for data input to a computer
  • A device for examining, reading, or monitoring something, in particular
  • A device that scans documents and converts them into digital data
  • a radar dish that rotates or oscillates in order to scan a broad area

Relatively Wireless Workspace...
Relatively Wireless Workspace...
Nothing fancy, but it works. The gray desk was sitting at the curb with a "free" sign on it 1/2 block from my house, a week after I arrived for law school. My wife and I share the workspace...just plug in power and a USB cable and either machine is good to go. The computers (my Acer and her Lenovo) sit on a CoolRise stand ( when they're home. What you can't see is the USB dock/audio adator below the desk, along with the 500g backup, router, and cable modem. All of these sit on a shelf 3" or so below the desktop, set near the back. Accessible, but not obvious. A couple of power strips handle things, and two printers--a Brother laser and HP multifunction inkjet--sit to the right on a lateral file. The chair is from Ikea, of course.
Home Studio
Home Studio
Home studio for Unique Fiber Arts. I have always enjoyed working in a wrap-around style work space. This allows me greater reach of everything within my work space. My printer is right there on the left as you enter the room. My hubby bought it for me for Christmas. It is a great scanner, copy, fax, printer...and best of all? It is WIRELESS! YAY! All my business is conducted on my laptop. It is a gift from my son last Christmas (my family gives such great gifts that support my desire to have an online business!). When I am not feeling well and need to lay in bed, the laptop comes with me and I can print patterns, orders, etc. from the other side of the house! I love it!!!

best wireless scanner
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