Saturday 19th February 2011

09:00   Opening of the registration desk

10:30   Opening of the Symposium

11:00   Keynote presentation:
             Life and times of the olenid trilobites.
             Clarkson, E.N.K

12:00   Lunch

The Trilobites from the Hunsrück Slate. (German language)
             Stanzel, R.

13:35   Devonian trilobites from Belgium.
             Viersen van, A.P. & Prescher, H.

13:55   New trilobite discoveries from Lower- and Middle Devonian strata of southern Morocco. (German language)
             Helling, S. & Becker, T.R.

14:15   Paradoxididae from Jämtland. (German language)
             Münder, U.

14:35   Harpetida (Trilobita) from Balto-scandia and erratic boulders – an overview. (German language)
             Rudolph, F.

14:55   Coffee break

15:40   Observations on trilobite assemblages from pockets in the Upper Ordovician Boda Limestone (Dalarne, Sweden). (German language)
             Popp, A. & Zwanzig, M.

16:00   A unique trilobite-bearing slab from the Eschenbach-Bocksberg quarry. (German language)
             Stanzel, R.

16:20   Two Middle Ordovician trilobites from the Prague Basin, Czech Republic. 
             Budil, P., Fatka, O., Zwanzig, M. & Rak, S.

16:40   Scabrella – Giant trilobites from the Lower Devonian of Europe and North-Africa. (German language)
             Müller, P

17:00   New data on Schmalenseeia (Trilobita?; Cambrian). (German language)
             Rudolph, F. & Ebbestad, J.O.

17:20   Visit of the museum
19:00   Symposium Dinner (Dinosaur Hall)

23:00   End of the Dinner
Sonntag, 21. Februar / Sunday 20th February 2011

08:15   Opening of the registration desk

09:00   Trilobite sieve brims. (German language)
             Seilacher, A.

09:30   The digestive system of the trilobites from the Weeks Formation (Middle Cambrian, USA): a unique insight into the palaeobiology of primitive arthropods.
             Lerosey-Aubril, R., Kier, C., Bonino, E., Hegna, T., Carré, M. & Habersetzer, J.

09:50   Remarks on the palaeoecology of selected Ordovician trilobites in the Prague Basin, Czech Republic.
             Fatka, O., Budil, P., Rak, S. & Kraft, P.

10:10    Coffee break

10:40   Observations on the molting behaviour of Changaspis elongata LEE, 1961 from the Lower Cambrian of China. (German language)
             Klafack, R.

11:00   The exuviation modes of some cheirurine trilobites.  
             Pärnaste, H.

11:20   Segmentation polarity during regeneration in trilobites. 
             McNamara, K.J.

11:40   A particular case of repaired pathology in pygidial border spines of Thysanopeltis speciosa (Scutelluidae). (German language)
             Feist, R.

12:00   Lunch

13:00   Healing processes of trilobites. (German language)
             Zwanzig, M.

13:20   Giant Trilobites from Arouca/Portugal - Palaeontology in service of sustainable development. (German language)
             Schwair, U. & de Abreu e Sá, A.A.

13:40   Remarks about Ordovician Trilobites of the Baltic Glint following Ivantsov et al. (German language)
             Bartl, K.

14:00   Research on Trilobites – interactively. (German language)
             Schoenemann, B.

14:20   Coffee break

14:35   The Back to the Past Museum: the first museum dedicated entirely to trilobites. 
             Bonino, E., Kier, C. & Hennion, L.

14:55   The importance of symbiose-like cooperations between private collectors, museum and scientist
. (German language)
             Savelsbergh, J.

15:15   Announcement of prize winners of the photo contest

15:30   Close of meeting