2nd German Trilobite Symposium


19-20 February 2011, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

 Welcome to the 2nd German Trilobite Symposium pages. The 2nd German Trilobite Symposium will be hosted by the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany and organised by Andries Weug (Palaeo-Geo Working Group) and Rudy Lerosey-Aubril (Senckenberg Research Institute). As in the first event in 2009 in Berlin, this meeting will cover a wide range of topics about trilobites and their relatives, from practical (fieldwork, preparation, collection management) to scientific ones (paleobiology, biostratigraphy, paleobiogeography, systematics…). Although initially proposed for German avocational palaeontologists, we would be extremely pleased if scientists and collectors from other countries would like to participate in this event, as our objective is to help people with a common interest in  trilobites to meet each other. 

 For details, use the navigation menu on the left of the page to navigate your way around the site. More information will be added closer to the time of the meeting, so please check periodically for updates.