"The Two Tone Boners deliver an exciting and diverse blend of genres, drawing on elements of ska, punk, reggae, jazz and more. Their live performances always had something new to offer, and no two shows were the same. It’s refreshing to finally see some of that live vitality contained on an album."
-Kealie Mardell, Kettle Magazine UK

"Within the Ska genre, bands tend to carry out very similar styles; so it is really great when one stumbles across a band that stands out from the rest. 
With El Monte based band, The Two Tone Boners, this is definitely the case. They give their audience all the elements of the 2 Tone sound, as well as being equipped with traces stemming from Punk, Reggae, Hardcore, Jazz, Latin, and Pop."
-Alyssa Lynn LoveWest Coast Smog

"But, the band that stood out most was The Two Tone Boners. Frankly, it is really easy to be a mediocre ska band, all you need is an ear for pop and a guitarist who can do upstrokes but exceptionally difficult to be a good one. In this case, The Two Tone Boners proved their talent, by providing an amazing horn section that soloed and did more than play the major notes of whatever chord the song was in (like a lot of ska bands, particularly since the collapse of its heyday, insist on doing).

"For the final act of the night The Two Tone Boners filled The Nugget with their smooth grooves and rhythmic ska sounds, enticing everything from toe-tapping to full on skanking. Keys, trombone, sax, guitar, drums, bass, and an exciting trio of vocals created an intense and powerful penetration that leaves a funky echo ringing for hours."