The Two Tone Boners started in the late summer of 2011 with one central idea- "let's make music." With members from eclectic backgrounds playing and listening to metal, psychobilly, rockabilly, punk rock, jazz, and Latin music, there was a common ground on ska. Jamming together led to playing backyard parties; playing backyards led to being picked up for larger gigs- within a year of their first jam sessions, they were playing two of the biggest ska festivals in the LA area, sharing the bill with the likes of The Toasters, Wisecracker, and Sektacore.

Since then, The Two Tone Boners have been more driven than ever to share what they started- the music, the fun times, and the personal interaction with fans. The sexy (read: slobbery drunk) sextet always brings the fun, party atmosphere with their brand of horn-driven ska infused with the “Boner touch.” The result: wild antics on-stage, a love for “beer-n-bitches”, and fun, catchy music guaranteed to penetrate your ears.

The Two Tone Boners are...

Roberto Benjamin Carrera - Guitar/Vocals
Jovan Loera - Saxophone/Vocals
Alfredo Barrios - Trumpet
Nate Phung - Keys/Vocals
Julio Alberto Gurrola - Bass
Tony Garcia - Drums

Members Emeritus:

Edwin Arellano - Trombone/Vocals
Joel Garcia - Trumpet
Mario Ontiveros - Vocals
Skai Hernandez - Guitar

We've played with...
  • The Toasters (NYC)
  • OreSkaBand (Japan)
  • Voodoo Glow Skulls
  • Mad Caddies
  • Buck-O-Nine
  • Wisecräcker (Germany)
  • Sektacore
  • Starpool (former members of Save Ferris and No Doubt)
  • GOGO13
  • Survay Says! (New Jersey)
  • The A-OKs (Colorado)
  • Be Like Max (Nevada)
  • The Maxies (Greenland via Riverside, CA)
  • The Holophonics (Texas)
  • Jay Tea (of the Arrogant Sons of Bitches)
  • Save the Swim Team
  • Winds of Plague
  • Molotov Solution
    (Las Vegas)
  • No Bragging Rights
  • Call the Cops!