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2 Speed Spa Pump

2 speed spa pump
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2 speed spa pump - 4.5 HP
4.5 HP 230 Volt 2 Speed Side Discharge Waterway Spa / Hot Tub Pump 2" Plumbing # S40230
4.5 HP 230 Volt 2 Speed Side Discharge Waterway Spa / Hot Tub Pump 2" Plumbing # S40230
PLEASE READ: There is no industry standard for Unions. The various brands have their own unique style, which means you must use the unions provided with our spa pump. This will most likely involve cutting off your old unions and installing the new ones shipped with the spa pump. If your heater is directly coupled to the spa wet end, then our pump will probably not work as the union will most likely be different. Be sure to look at the motor voltage, not the voltage supplied to the spa to determine the correct pump voltage. When removing power cord from existing pump we recommend you mark your wires for "common", "High speed", "low speed". The pump does not come with a power cord. The connection diagram for the new pump is located on the motor name plate. The wet ends can be rotated by simply loosening the motor thru bolts and turning the pump head, allowing the discharge to point to 3 O'clock, 9 O'clock or 6 O'clock. Not Self Priming - Water must be above pump head in order to op

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6200 NO - 1959 Austin healey 3000 "The Bulldog"
6200 NO - 1959 Austin healey 3000 "The Bulldog"
Denish Welch Motorsports - arguably the most successful racing healey of all times. ?180,000 ! - NOT SOLD Donald Healey's eponymous company built a prototype two-seater sports car for display at the 1952 London Motor Show. It was based on Austin A90 Atlantic mechanicals and sported a sleek body designed by Gerry Coker and built by Tickford. It was dubbed the 'Healey Hundred' (a moniker chosen to reflect the car's ability to reach 100mph), and, subject to a suitably encouraging response, Healey planned to build production versions in-house at his factory in Warwick. As things transpired, not only did the Ice Blue prototype more than impress the public, but also so excited Austin's Managing Director, Leonard Lord, that he struck a deal to build the car in volume at Longbridge. The newcomer was renamed the Austin Healey 100. The rest, as they say, is history. These early production bodyshells were made by Jensen and then transported to Longbridge where the cars were assembled alongside the A90. The early cars (code named BN1s) were equipped with the same 90bhp 2660 cc engines and manual four-speed transmissions as the A90 though, in an unusual move, Austin modified the gearbox so it operated as a three-speed unit with overdrive on the top two ratios. The car had 11in drum brakes all round. The front suspension was independent by coil springs while the rear featured a traditional live axle supported by semi-elliptic leaf springs. The steering was by cam and lever. A BN1 tested by Motor magazine in 1953 returned a top speed of 106 mph and achieved the 0-60 mph dash in 11.2 seconds. The 'Big' Healey enjoyed steady development, with the four cylinder cars giving way to the 100-Six in 1956, which in turn was replaced by the first of the 3000s in 1959. By now the engine capacity had risen to 2912 cc and the power output to 124 bhp - sufficient to grace the standard car with a 0-60 mph time of 11.4 seconds and a top speed of 114 mph. There was the option of Laycock de Normanville overdrive for the four-speed gearbox and braking had been improved by the adoption of discs at the front. There were two body options - a two-seater (BN7) or occasional four-seater (BT7). By the time the MKI 3000 was superseded by the MKII in 1961, a total of 2,825 BN7s and 10,825 BT7s had been produced. Works Healeys scored some memorable results in international rallying and both factory and privately-entered examples raced with honour at the likes of Sebring, Le Mans, and the Nurburgring; also in such marathon road events as the Mille Miglia and Targa Florio. Replicas of these charismatic cars are a popular choice for today's historic events the world over. Arguably the daddy of them all is the red and white 1959 example that carries the registration number 6200 NO. It's been the personal possession of Denis Welch for the last 32 years and is generally considered to be the most successful racing Healey of all time. Affectionately known as 'The Bulldog' (in memory of a record-breaking boat belonging to Welch's grandfather), the Healey was purchased from a former ballerina and has seen constant action since 1982. In that time it's won just about everything it was eligible for, from UK championships with the Healey Club, HSCC and TR register, to the hotly contested FIA series. It boasts one of the finest records on the fearsome Nordschleife (three wins, plus a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th) and has twice been victorious on the dips and dives of Bathurst, Australia. Having sold Denis Welch Motorsport to his son Jeremy in 2007, Welch is now finally ready to part with 6200 NO. On the button, it is equipped to the latest specification, including: straight-cut gearbox with high-performance overdrive; disc brakes all round with dual circuit balance bar system; a long range fuel tank and twin fuel pumps; a 2992 cc competition engine, the performance of which is simply described as 'sufficient'! One imagines the opportunity to purchase 'The Bulldog' will be of interest to competitors the world over, not least those who have been stuck behind it for the last 29 years! The car's unique roll of honour includes: 1984 Austin Healey /TR register Champion; 1985 HSCC Nostalgia Award; 1986 HSCC pre-1960 Champion & FIA European GTS Class Champion; 1987 HSCC pre-1960 Class Champion; 1988 HSCC Classic GTS Champion & FIA European Class 5 Champion; 1989 HSCC Classic GTS Champion & Austin Healey Club Champion; 1991 HSCC Classic GTS Champion; 1992 HSCC Classic GTS Champion; 1994 HSCC Classic Sportscar Champion. Individual successes between 1989 and 1995 include: 1989 Cadwell Park, May 7, 1st in class Brands Hatch, Jun 4, 1st in class Oulton Park, Jul 29, 1st in class Zolder, Aug 13, 1st Overall Donington Park, Sep 10, 1st in class Snetterton, Oct 22, 1st Overall 1990 Cadwell Park, May 7, 1st in class Spa Francorchamps, May 20, 1st Overall Brands Hatch, Jun 3, 1st in class Donington Park, Jul 8, 1st in class Donington Park, Jul 22, 1st in c
Everyday is a Spa Day
Everyday is a Spa Day
Gear: Nikon D7000 Tripod Nikon SB-900 x 2 Nikkor 10-24 Wide Angle Nikon ML L3 Infrared Remote Westcott Apollo 28" Soft boxes x 2 This is a shot I did for my work. It is a spa franchise corporation so we though it would be funny to take a "serious" group shot in robes. I work there, so this is also a self portrait thanks to the awesomely cheap and semi trustworthy Nikon ML L3 remote. This is a 2 light strobist set up using 2 SB-900s in Westcott Apollo 28" soft boxes. I am using a Nikon D7000 (1/500, iso 800) with a Nikkor DX 10-24 Wide Angle "zoom" (@ 13mm, f/3.9) which is set up on a tripod about 4 feet from the table. The soft boxes are set about 8 feet off the ground pointing at a slight downward angle right outside the frame a 10 and 4 O'clock. I shot in manual mode, so I could bring the window down and used the speed lights to add almost all the light in the room. I don't remember the exact settings on the flashes but the were set the same at 1/4 or stronger. I had to pump a lot of light out of the SB-900's to fill this shot. Also I used the built in flash as a commander for the SB's. I am new to "Stobing" and to photography, so any criticism good or bad is appreciated. Don't worry I have thick skin. Hope you enjoy. Thanks!

2 speed spa pump
2 speed spa pump
1.5 HP 2-Speed 3450/1725 RPM, 115 volts Above Ground Pool Pump - Waterway brand - With large Debri
Waterway Above Ground Pool Pumps are manufactured in Oxnard, California. The pump has a large 6" debris basket. It is connected to the pump housing with a union nut, this makes it easy if you need to rotated the head, as the basket can be remounted with no problem once you have rotated the head. Motor is supplied by AO Smith, an industry leader in pool pump motors. Pumps come with a 6' long power cord, with the standard 3 prong plug. This pump is ready to go when you receive it. Simply remove the pump from the box, open the cover on the debris basket, where you will find the gasket that needs to be inserted into the basket nut and then simply install the basket on the face of the pump. Reinstall your hoses from your old pump, connect them to the pool filter and simply plug in the pump. Of course be sure the pump is full of water before you power up the pump so that you do not burn up the pump shaft seal. Pump has a 3 year manufacture warranty. The motor has a 1 year manufacture warrant