Tobacco Valley Nordic

  Tobacco Valley Nordic Club is a volunteer organization dedicated to the healthful elimination of  the winter time blues. Our prescription consists of regular exertion, frequent gravity assisted glides and a daily dose of Northwest Montana's natural beauty.

Members range in ability and interest from energetic flattrackers to fanatic telemarkers and we have the topography and extensive forests to accommodate both often within the same area.

   Some  trails are intermittently trackset for classic nordic skiing and others have ski trails broken and some are untracked but are recommendations by skiers or projections of what should be good at any given time. On the "Reports/ Rumors" page hopefully you will find the latest grooming reports and locations of the secret stashes.

   Feedback is welcomed from all whether you are an expert powderhead or a first time skier. Contact  us at Or do as the connected ones do and visit us on facebook: tobaccovalleynordic ski club inc. 


Foothills 1/15/2020

Whiskey Springs Field Sobriety Checkpoint

Failed reset on Meadow loop. Will need more snow. Skiing it was beyond challenging
Reset Still Loop. Generally good reset but wheel tracks disturbed Cook's Run between setting and skiing. Loop skied wery fast. (SEE ole sez at bottom)
Estimate best skiing late Wednesday or as the Rain/Snow hits on Thursday. Plan to reset Meadow and get back to Still before weekend.
Skied Va. Hill yesterday but drove up to 7147 and7147E junction. Sone ice-low snow places on 7147 Orbit. Broke trail up TP and part of Flattop. Today skied Meadow Loop. Generally good track except portions of 7147. A good freeze and hadn't thawed by 1130 so snow was fast.
Reset most of the Meadow loop today. Mixed results on the TepeeLake Rd. due to narrow road and wheel tracks. With new wet snow the uphill to the ridge was a slog but the downhill was delightful glide. Unless you want speed, travel the loop clockwise. If we get freezing nights will be looking at resetting up Pinkham by the weekend. Our tracks are pretty firm and hold up well in this thaw.

Skied Still Cr. loop,track was in good shape,skiff of new,no rain but for speed control recommend skiing the loop counterclockwise. Planned tracksetting this week Meadow Cr. 1/28 and Still by early Saturday. Foothills dependent on skier reports.
Reset Still Loop and Whiskey Springs as well as a snowshoe trail next to ski trail on most of the gated portions of track. Also set Orbit at Va. Hill. See "reports and rumors" tab for detailed report. In honor of El Nino we may be opening a new valley loop. Don't change that dial
Set track at Foothills up to the Pass gate and also out 7077 to the Sinclair Cr trail gate. Plan is to reset Still and open Va. Hill Orbit for this weekend
Reset Still Loop and up to Whiskey Springs today. Cold slow snow, intermittent sun and a freshly set track was the groomer's gratuity.
In search of white stuff I skied upper Meadow Cr. yesterday on good base and snow. The road out of Fortine is now plowed above Whispering Pines to the Thirsty Lake Rd. I drove a little further(8.2 Mile) and skied from the Tepee Lake Rd junction(Rd. 7147) Mostly used wheel tracks. The loop is ~5.5 miles, climbs ~700' over into Pinkham drainage. The loop goes up 855 to 3648 to 3646 and back on 7147. Steeper climb is up the 3648.
Set the Still Cr. loop this morning. Cover only fair for first 200 yds but then improves. Track on Cooks Run didn't turn out as well with some setter trailing issues but whole loop skied nicely. Set two track up to Whiskey Springs. Probable reset on Friday for weekend winter.







Trego School X-C days
Thanks to some folks who have either donated or in a leap of faith loaned gear to the club. We're still working on both logistics and winter with Trego but their students are ready to ski and there are too many youth who live in Montana who miss our winter opportunities. (Not necessarily the site sponsor's view)
4th Annual Bota Buds Full Moon Ski
2/9/2020The natives called the February the Storm or Hunger Moon but we'll call it the Snow Moon.
It happens 2/9  but we may adjust for clear skies or snow.
Oer the Hill Tour 
   Could happen in place of Full MoonStill in the planning stages but plan runs having shuttles at either end of an over the hill tour. Be surprised.

Looking for volunteers to take lead on an event which might interest you or others. Among the possibilities are a family day, tour with a wildlife guide or an outing to Dog Cr.

If you have younger skiers or are looking for loan equipment see 'Gear Garage' for inventory and contact

rush hour 2/1/2018 X-C lesson