Tobacco Valley Nordic

  Tobacco Valley Nordic Club is a volunteer organization dedicated to the healthful elimination of  the winter time blues. Our prescription consists of regular exertion, frequent gravity assisted glides and a daily dose of Northwest Montana's natural beauty.

Members range in ability and interest from energetic flattrackers to fanatic telemarkers and we have the topography and extensive forests to accommodate both often within the same area.

   Some  trails are intermittently trackset for classic nordic skiing and others have ski trails broken and some are untracked but are recommendations by skiers or projections of what should be good at any given time. On the "Reports/ Rumors" page hopefully you will find the latest grooming reports and locations of the secret stashes.

   Feedback is welcomed from all whether you are an expert powderhead or a first time skier. Contact  us at Or do as the connected ones do and visit us on facebook: tobaccovalleynordic ski club inc. 


Marias snowfield/ play hill 4/2/2019

    Sufferin in the Sun Indian Springs            

For those not ready to store the the end of the plowed Marias road is some classic spring skiing with various slopes. South East to North. Also a couple of unplowed roads traversing out the Spouth side of Marias. Best downhilling after freezing night with sunny day. Have been able to boot up under those conditions much of the day.

Trackset Still Cr. Loop, skied well.
Loops were set today at Indian Springs. Likely track softening so best skiing in A.M. Plan to set Still 3/15

Set the track on Still today. Whiskey Springs was out of reach without trail breaker altho I skied up towards Whiskey to pick up some powder skiing. There exists a disconnect between concept and execution and never got to Va. Hill.

Plan is for trackset at Still and Va. Hill Saturday. Skied downhill at Va today and it's as good as it gets. Even steepest slopes are very gentle with the powder. No traffic on the roads at Va. so hoping for a fair-good trackset.

Set track on Still Loop and the East side of Pinkham to Buckhorn.Ran into a lot of snow with some 'Wild West' tracksetting. No track to Whiskey Springs or the A Spur off East Pinkham. With Ryan Wagner on only company was a cow moose and some picnicers/sledders at the trailhead.

Track has been set at Indian Springs Golf Course. We'd pretty much given up on valley skiing but happy to find our weather predictions wrong again. Planning to groom up Pinkham Saturday morning weather and illness allowing.

Finally set track at Virginia Hill, Orbit loop. Numerous anamolies and some ice under a few trees but the little I skied was good. Broke trails on upper Cook's, Flattop and Lookout.

Set track today on Foothills to Pass Trail gate and up towards Sinclair Trailhead. Latter was pretty fast. New snow desired.

Skied Still Cr. today and track had 1-2"of champagne powder Will be doing some grooming by weekend hoping for Virginia Hill and maybe Foothills. Will post accomplishments or lack of.

Groomed Still including Whiskey Springs track and East Pinkham to Buckhorn. West Pinkham is rough and needs more snow to use ripper but had coverage. Without new snow should be pretty fast skiing. 

First tracks on Va. Hill today. Broke trail on Cook's Run,Tepee and most Flattop. Coverage poor on Cook's Run below the E Spur. Found patches of powder even on South slopes out of the sun. Current plan is to reset Still and Va. Hill Saturday morning.

Reset. East Pinkham and also the Still Loop. I didn't notice gravel on the plowed portion of West Pinkham Rd. but I also didn't ski it, got. Sidetracked at some untracked up the Whiskey Springs spur and did laps.. No further track setting this weekend as we're short on operators.








Looking for volunteers to take lead on an event which might interest you or others. Among the possibilities are a family day, tour with a wildlife guide or an outing to Dog Cr.

For short term borrow: womens' 6-7 NNN or three pin.

If you have younger skiers or are looking for loan equipment see 'Gear Garage' for inventory and contact

rush hour 2/1/2018 X-C lesson

 Hair of the Dog Still Cr. off piste