Tobacco Valley Nordic

  Tobacco Valley Nordic Club is a volunteer organization dedicated to the healthful elimination of  the winter time blues. Our prescription consists of regular exertion, frequent gravity assisted glides and a daily dose of Northwest Montana's natural beauty.

Members range in ability and interest from energetic flattrackers to fanatic telemarkers and we have the topography and extensive forests to accommodate both often within the same area.

   Some  trails are intermittently trackset for classic nordic skiing and others have ski trails broken and some are untracked but are recommendations by skiers or projections of what should be good at any given time. On the "Reports/ Rumors" page hopefully you will find the latest grooming reports and locations of the secret stashes.

   Feedback is welcomed from all whether you are an expert powderhead or a first time skier. Contact  us at Or do as the connected ones do and visit us on facebook: tobaccovalleynordic ski club inc. 



"Ski In-Ski out for rent,day,week,month. Reasonable no references"

Til the Large Lady Sings 4/3/2018
   Unwilling to let go of such a powdery winter the track at Still Cr. has been reset. The track turned out well, the snow a little sticky but the quiet and beauty unsurpassed.
   From others' reports: trail is broken in at Swisher and another group of hearty souls broke trail on Foothills towards Therriault Pass.

Mixed March 3/14/2018
  Today we used the ginzu knive attachment for the tracksetter and set the Still Cr. loop. The knives seemed to work fairly well on the portions of the track which was run over by snowmobiles. The track itself didn't refluff but set well and should ski very well with either a skiff of new snow or as the track thaws later in the day.
March Madness 3/9/2018 
Tracks were reset today on Va. Hill and Still Cr. Teas an expected March mix of snow,sun and light rain. Trails broken this week on Va. Hill include Cook's Run,Tepee Trail and most of Flattop. Set tracks are likely to be icy fast in the morning but softening nicely as things warm. Sun is forecast so skiing should be good.
The gift keeps on Giving 3/6/18  Yesterday's snow report had Indian Springs holding with browse beds and feed holes appearing. Still Cr. had snowmobiles tracks over most of the track but plan on a reset Fri. or early Sat. for weekend skiing. WAG is the North End crew have broken trail at Swisher.
Stay tuned
Out and Aboot 2/26/18
 Courtesy of the North End ski cabal a trail has been snowshoe packed and then ski tracked at Swisher Lake. Trail starts from the Equestrian area,follows  the road towards Koocanusa then in thru the gate towards Swisher out to Sophie Bay. Update 2/27  The trail has had snowmobile run over.
Foothills has had a bit of snowmobile traffic and should be very good during the week with these little snow showers coming thru. Warmer temps indicate glide and base wax time.
Skandic Inaugural 2/24/2018  Tracks groomed today by the club's Skandic include Still Cr. and Va.Hill loops. Track looked pretty good .  Best of the season AT/Tele skiing in 100's of acres of glades at Va. Hill. From parking area climb Glade Runner up to 7147E to access. Whoopee
Fore 2/18/18 Robin and Roberto set Indian Springs this afternoon with two loops both from parking area. They also set a parallel loop for foot or snowshoe.




Ole is still hoping for an 'over the hill' skipedition over Deep Divide and an 'Easter at Edna' tour. Stay tuned and contact if you're interested.

rush hour 2/1/2018 X-C lesson