Sizing Up Your Stuff

To help you estimate the storage space that is right for your needs, we offer the chart below detailing our most requested self storage sizes. We have over twenty five sizes available on both floors of our indoor storage facility. Please note that all units in our facility are of approximate size.

Storage Unit Size Chart

 Our Unit Sizes:  
 Equivalent to:
 Suggested Use:
 4ft x 5ft
20 sq ft 
Small Closet
Small furniture, Boxes, Seasonal Items, Document Files, Clothes, Sports Equipment.
 5ft x 9ft
45 sq ft
 Large Closet
Small furniture: Sofa, Chair, Chest of Drawers, Box Spring & Mattress; Plus small items
 6ft x 10 ft
60 sq ft
 Walk-In Closet    
Some Furniture: Dresser, Chest, Sofa, Large T.V., Box Spring & Mattress; Document Files, Boxes & Small Items
 7ft x 10ft
70 sq ft
 Large Walk-In Closet  
Furnishings for a One Bedroom Apartment without Appliances, and some Small Items
 10ft x 10 ft
 100 sq ft 

 Small Bedroom    
 Furnishings for a Two Bedroom Apartment with appliances
 10ft x 13 ft
130 sq ft
Large Bedroom    
Furnishings for a Two Bedroom Apartment or House Furnishings, Plus Miscellaneous Items
 16ft x 19ft
300 sq ft
Two Car Garage 
A Four to Five Bedroom House with Appliances and room for Boxes. Or, Business Storage of Files, Inventory & Equipment
 25ft x 20ft
500 sq ft
(12ft High Walls)
 500 sq. ft. Loft
Great for Small Business or Commercial Use

Passenger Elevator Dimensions

Will your items fit in our passenger elevator leading to the discounted second floor? Check to see:

Door Width & Height          4ft x 7ft
Length                             7ft 2in
Interior Width                   5ft 7 in
Interior Height                  7ft
                                Interior Diagonal Length     9ft

2nd Street's passenger elevator transports you and your things