House Rules


These rules are a general guideline of 2nd Street Storage’s policies and are not a substitute for the complete terms agreed upon in your Rental Agreement.


1.       Stay at least 16 inches away from all fire sprinkler heads.

2.       No dogs or pets allowed in the facility excluding service animals.

3.       The use of insecticide foggers and fumigation services is prohibited.

4.       No smoking, use of lighters or open flame.

5.       Shirt and shoes are required while in the facility.

6.       No running, riding of carts, bicycles, skateboards, or rollerblades.

7.       Occupant will only store personal property for which they are the rightful                     owner and will keep their unit secure with their own lock.

8.       Report injuries, facility damages, lost or stolen key fobs, spills and broken glass             to the office. 

9.       Occupant is responsible for insuring stored items to prevent loss. 

10.     The trash can in the bay is restricted to its holding capacity. The on-site                         Dumpster and its enclosure are off limits, no exceptions.

11.     On-site carts, dollies, and pallet jack are not to be taken off the premises or                     stored inside storage units.

12.     Obey posted parking signs. Parking vehicles, trucks, trailers, or storage                         containers overnight is not allowed.

13.     Access to the facility is restricted to our posted access hours.

14.     Abandoning personal items, staying in the facility after hours, unauthorized                 parking, taking facility equipment of the premises etc. will result in facility fee             charges.       

15.     Use of electrical outlets is prohibited.

16.     Give the office a 10 day notice when vacating. The unit must be emptied and                 swept clean with the lock removed. You will need to return your key fob and                 provide any change of address information to the office so that we may begin                 processing your security deposit.        


Thank you for your cooperation!

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