New Recruits

Thinking of joining the Confederate Army?

Here are a few FAQ’s that we get asked a lot by new members and hopefully the answers will help you make your decision.


Isn’t it racist to reenact under the Confederate flag?

No! Absolutely not. The War Between the States is a part of American History. Confederate soldiers were Americans too and their courage and honor are as much a part of the heritage of the United States as those of the Union soldiers. We are here to foremost educate the public about both sides of the Civil War without political agenda.

Confederate soldiers were not fighting to keep their slaves, but for their states rights and against Northern oppression. In fact, there were many African-Americans who fought for the Confederacy, both slave and free men.

It is unfortunate that several groups have misused and abused the symbol of these brave soldiers for their own political agenda, and caused the public to misunderstand the true nature of is significance, but as Confederate Reenactors, we are here to teach about our Southern fore-fathers and what they did for this nation.


Is it expensive?

Well, yes and no. If you were to go out and buy all of the items that you need, new off the shelf: rifle, uniform, tent, accoutrements, and the like, you could dish out anywhere from $1500 to $3000. So yes, if you did that it would be expensive, HOWEVER, there are many of us who have been doing this long enough that you could easily buy, barter, or borrow anything you need to get things started for little or no money.

I myself went out and bought a “starter uniform” for $150, borrowed a rifle and accoutrements from the man that recruited me, and slept on the ground for my first year of events. Just come and tell us what you need and there is a good chance someone has or can get you set up!

The only fixed and consistent cost is your membership fees. To reenact you MUST join the ACWA and pay them your membership dues of $45, for insurance, advertising and the like . Some companies also have marginal dues, ours in the 2nd South is $10 a year for equipment maintenance.


What if I try it and don’t like it?

If you are worried about putting an investment into something your not sure about, we have a quartermaster who has uniforms that you can rent for about $15 (I think). Come and give it a try, as a guest, for an event or two and if you like it, than join and start building up your gear.


How many events are there each year, and where are they?

The ACWA hosts about one event a month from April through October and they are located all over the Northern California Greater San Francisco Bay Area. There are other associations in California who have more events throughout the year and if you wanted, you could do at least two events a month all year round, and during the summer months you could easily fill every weekend!


How many would I need to attend?

As many or as few as you want! It’s completely up to you. You are not required to attend any event if you do not wish to. However, if you decide to become an officer down the line, there will be certain requirements of attendance.


Is it hard work?

Well, its work. Between the formations, marching, maneuvers, and battles it’s a work out, but there is normally only two battles a day, with breaks and such between that it’s never been extraneous. Once you get the hang of the formations and manual of arms, it a cinch.


So how do I get started?

Just show up. Check our Events schedule, find the one you want to check out, and show up. If you want to fight, please email us and we will make sure we have the equipment you need set aside for you (the gear can go fast at busy events). That’s it. Now, its time to Enlist!

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