87 Infrared Filter

87 infrared filter
    infrared filter
  • Infrared cut-off filters, sometimes called IR filters or heat-absorbing filters, are designed to reflect or block mid-infrared wavelengths while passing visible light.
  • eighty-seven: being seven more than eighty
  • Year 87 (LXXXVII) was a common year starting on Monday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.
  • New Jersey Transit operates or contracts out the following bus routes, all of which originate from Newark, Jersey City, Hoboken, or Elizabeth. Many were once streetcar lines.
87 infrared filter - B +
B + W 62mm Infrared Filter # 093 (87C)
B + W 62mm Infrared Filter # 093 (87C)
B & W offers three filters for infrared photography, each with its' own unique features. #092. This dark red filter is primarily for black and white infrared films. It filters out light below 650 nm. With color infrared film it produces pictures of a pure red image while making good use of the relatively low sensitivity of infrared films. Filter factor is approx. 20 - 40. #093. This black infrared filter will filter out the entire visible spectrum. It is used with black and white infrared films with a sensitivity up to 1000nm. Filter factor is determined by the film sensitivity. #099. This orange colored filter blocks the blue and blue-green portion of the visible spectrum up to 500 nm. It reduces the excessive sensitivity of color infrared films in this spectral range, separates colors more evenly thereby avoiding a blue tint. Filter factor depends upon the film's sensitivity.

80% (7)
Infrared Photography
Infrared Photography
First time using an infrared camera. IR cutoff in the camera was removed and replaced with an 87 filter. Only processing done was an auto levels adjustment in Photoshop
Infrared Palmetto
Infrared Palmetto
Playing with a Tiffen #87 infrared filter. The filter does not pass any visible light, so I had to compose the picture and then add the filter.

87 infrared filter
87 infrared filter
High Definition PRO 58mm INFRA-RED Filter + Microfiber Cleaning Cloth + Pro Lens Cleaning Pen. (Alternative to Hoya 58mm RM-90 Filter & Tiffen 55mm 87 Filter & B+W 58mm 092 89B Filter)
Infrared Filters are used to reduce unwanted visible light. Total visible light absorption, transmitting only infrared, can be useful. It is often used in crime detection, medical photography, detection of distribution of vegetation, etc. This filter makes it possible for you to see images that are normally invisible to the human eye. This filter will filter out 99% of light seen by the naked eye only allowing infrared light through so that technically the naked eye can see 100% black when the filter is in place. Multi-coating prevents light reflection, ghost light...etc, making images clearer and sharper. Includes Microfiber Cleaning Cloth And A Pro Lens Cleaning Pen. Pen Brush Removes dust without scratching your device. Ultra fine micro-fiber technology cleaning cloth. To be used with all camera lenses, LCD, Camcorder and much more!

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