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We are stationed in Okinawa, Japan

Our mission is to liberate Russia from the Civil War that has plagued it for many years from a terrorist group that is attempting to overthrow the Russian President and start World War 3. The 2nd Marines have been called up to active duty to assist the many other regiments already on the ground. We cannot allow the terrorist group to accomplish its mission. They are also partnered with another terrorist group in the deserts of the Middle East. Some of our 2nd Marines have been deployed there as well

Sign up for active duty on our Recruitment page to be granted with an once in a live time experience.
We do training on an almost daily basis and we have weekly Division Field Exercises that give all members, young and old, new recruits and veterans, the experience they need to help fight the what in Russia and liberate it. We are always looking to recruit new members as the more members we have, the better our chances of fighting in Russia will be

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