Math Games

Please use this page to practice, review, or preview second grade math skills. Money & time, in partciular, are two of the most challening math skills covered in second grade.  Although we will not assess them in our curriculum right away, it is important to begin building a solid foundation now! 

Fact Dash
Click Here to Practice Addition & Subtraction Facts!





Chapter 2: Addition Strategies
Chapter 5: 2-Digit Addition
Chapter 13: 3-Digit Addition


Chapter 3: Subtraction Strategies
Chapter 6: 2-Digit Subtraction

Chapter 14: 3-Digit Subtraction
Math Baseball
Power Football

Chapter 4: Data & Graphing
Create A Graph
Bar Graph Creator
Mean, Median, and Mode


Chapter 7: Counting Money 
Money Matching      
Money Game   
Counting Change
Change Maker
Counting Money
Spending Spree

Multiplication & Division

Chapter 8: Multiplication & Division
Mental Multiplication
Are You a Math Magician?


Chapter 9: Fractions
Bowling For Fractions
Fresh Baked Fractions
Pizza Party Fractions
Fraction Race
Cross the River
Comparing Fractions



Chapter 11: Geometry
Adam Ant Perimeter
Measure It!
Can You Fill It?
Virtual Ruler

Shape Sorter
Shape Surveyer
Shape Transformations
Triangle Sort
Quadrilateral Sort
3D Shape Match
Polygon Playground
Lines of Symmetry Game

Measurement & Time

Chapter 12: Measurement & Time
Stop the Clock    

Time to the Hour   
Time to Half Hour  

Match Clock to Time      

Match Time to Words     

More Matching Time to Words     

Time to 5 Minutes      

Give Me The Time    

Time Teller     
Calculating Time