Welcome to our WebQuest!
    Sharks are the most misunderstood animals in the sea. If you are here, you are probably participating in our WebQuest! In this WebQuest you will learn many new things about sharks, including how big they can be and what kind of teeth they have. You will do activities such as finding interesting facts about sharks and even create your own shark parts! This is an individual project, except for Task 5. For Task 5, you will be placed into groups by your teacher.

To begin: 
  1. Click on the Process link on the left side of this website and download and print all of the documents. Don't forget to print out your WebQuest Checklist!
  2. Click on the Tasks tab and begin reading the tasks and completing them as necessary.
  3. Click on the Conclusion tab when you are finished with the tasks to write about your experience!
The Evaluation tab shows you how you will be graded on a few of the assignments. 
The Other Activities tab shows you other websites where you can learn about sharks!

Have Fun!

A Sandtiger Shark at SeaWorld San Antonio
Sandtiger Shark

Divers cleaning the shark habitat at 
SeaWorld San Antonio