Home: Practicing Indiana Second Grade Math State Standards with Online Games

    Learning math can be fun for our tech savvy kids.  Instead of worksheet after worksheet to practice math skills, try some online gaming!  
    As a winner of one of the state's 27 Second Grade Laptop Grants our students have the honor of using mini laptops everyday in class, they even get to take them home several nights a week.  As their teacher, I get the honor of helping my students build their knowledge with an exciting tool.  My biggest obstacle has being deciding where to take them each day.  There are so many options, but deciding takes a little research and time. 
    Enjoy this start to aligning our gaming with the standards and feel free to share any sites you may use as well. The sites I have linked are free sites.  There are many amazing pay sites out there as well, but I have not included those.


    My students love getting online!  When its time to get the laptops out, everyone gets down to business. Using online gaming in the classroom is not only great for practicing math skills, it is an excellent motivator, and is great for differentiation.  Have fun and enjoy working with your second graders and their math!