MasterCoin Specification (AKA The Second Bitcoin Whitepaper)

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Latest version, now in github:

Please do not invest in MasterCoin without first reading about the risks:

Want a simpler explanation of what I am doing? It doesn't get any simpler than memes: (sorry, the images appear to no longer load, but leaving this here in case I have time to fix it someday)

LOTS more information, including the current status of the project can be found here:

Old Versions (pre-github)

Version 1.0, published 7/31/2013:

MasterCoin Specification 1.0 20130731.pdf

Version 0.5, published 1/6/2012:

2ndBitcoinWhitepaper vs 0.5 20120106.pdf

Version 1.1, published 9/9/2013:

MasterCoin Specification 1.1 20130909.pdf