Mountain Thunder Radio Roster
This is page 1, the first 500 on the roster.

Our members consisted of people from all walks life.  They ranged from police officers from 3 local cities and a state police officer. 
There were Ham radio club board members from 2 clubs and a president of another. There was 1 active member that worked for a
federal office. There were people who made missiles and people who drove trucks to clear snow mountain passes.  There are some war heroes
 holding purple hearts. There were elected officials. There were people who road motorcycles and made trails all over the Pacific Northwest. 
And there were many who were just like you and me. 
Our presence from the internet also brought in emails and members from around the world!
Over the years,  we lost 15 of our good friends. Too many microphone keys have gone silent. We will always miss them dearly.
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Showing 500 items
Member NumberNameMember DateLocation
Member NumberNameMember DateLocation
17MT369 Stan 10/12/11 Hilo, HI 
17MT544 Jack 01/01/94 Hawaii 
19MT100 Sip  07/13/14 Emmen , Netherlands 
2MT000 Paul 10/17/10 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT001 John 11/18/08 Tacoma, WA 
2MT002 David 08/07/10 San Diego, CA 
2MT003 Ruth (Youth) 12/26/09 Black Diamond, WA 
2MT004 Robert 11/27/12 Kansas 
2MT005 Rory (Youth) 01/31/09 Black Diamond, WA 
2MT006 Bruce 05/11/13 Mt. Vernon, IN 
2MT007 Dan 08/21/10 Sunny Slope, WA 
2MT008 Livia (Youth) 11/20/10 Puyallup, WA 
2MT009 Justice 01/31/09 Des Moines, WA 
2MT010 Jessica 10/08/11 Tukwila, WA 
2MT011 Robert 07/17/10 San Jose, CA 
2MT012 Robby 04/18/09 Olympia, WA 
2MT013 Ronda 11/25/13 Dundee, KY 
2MT014 Sylvia 12/31/11 Tukwila, WA 
2MT015 Kevin 03/29/13 Auburn, WA 
2MT016 Keith 01/28/11 Snohomish, WA 
2MT017 Tracy 01/14/11 Spanaway, WA 
2MT018 Luke 04/02/13  Lewisport, KY 
2MT019 Steve 02/11/02 Cenoa, NE 
2MT020 James 09/11/09 Tiger Mountain, WA 
2MT021 Jerry 10/24/12 Everett, WA 
2MT022 Sean 01/23/10 Newcastle, WA 
2MT023 Dean 12/11/11 Monroe, WA  
2MT024 Dave 05/13/13 Tacoma, WA 
2MT025 Kris 01/01/94 Benton City, WA 
2MT026 Sarah  10/18/08 Benton City, WA 
2MT027 Sarah 05/02/09 South Hill Puyallup, WA 
2MT028 Todd 06/06/13 Bremerton, WA 
2MT029 Frank 11/20/10 Puyallup, WA 
2MT030 Steve 08/05/11 Dayton, OH 
2MT031 AJ 08/05/11 Dayton, OH 
2MT032 Craig 08/15/09 Mercer Island, WA 
2MT033 Bill 12/06/08 Renton, WA 
2MT034 *150th Member *Number Retired Patsi ....***Silent Key 05/28/2016*** 01/16/10 Renton, WA 
2MT035 Dave 09/30/12 Sanger, CA 
2MT036 Jim 06/06/13 Sea Tac, WA 
2MT037 Stanley 09/19/13 Owensboro, KY. 
2MT038 Jeff 07/23/13 Torrance, CA 
2MT039 Tom 07/03/09 W. Tacoma, WA 
2MT040 Phil 04/06/13 Richmond, IN 
2MT041 Eldon 05/03/13 Owensboro, KY 
2MT042 Hal 03/23/13 Maple Valley, WA 
2MT043 Walkie 06/01/13 Whitesville, KY 
2MT044 Mac 06/12/10 Monteray Bay, CA 
2MT045 Ted 12/21/13 Bever Dam, KY 
2MT046 Larry 02/23/14 Spanaway, WA 
2MT049 Brian 09/10/11 Angle Lake, WA 
2MT050 Mary 11/10/12 Sea Tac, WA 
2MT051 Ron 04/14/12 Fredrickson, WA 
2MT052 Sonny 03/18/14 Slaughters, Ky 
2MT053 Ken 02/15/13 Tacoma, WA 
2MT054 Jeremy 02/27/10 Kent, WA 
2MT055 Al 03/20/10 Atlanta, Georgia 
2MT057 Robert 12/23/13 Beaverdam, KY 
2MT059 Kim 01/23/10 Black Diamond, WA 
2MT062 Trevor 06/06/14 Rockport, IN 
2MT063 Mike 02/04/12 Federal Way, WA 
2MT064 Rex 09/27/10 Lakewood, WA 
2MT065 Frank 06/12/10 Yelm, WA 
2MT066 Tami 12/20/08 Des Moines, WA 
2MT068 Gary 12/13/08 Federal Way, WA 
2MT069 Don  11/22/08 South Hill Puyallup, WA 
2MT070 Bob 10/09/10 Redmond, WA 
2MT071 Shon 04/10/10 Buckley, WA 
2MT073 Eric 10/03/11 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT077 Bruce 04/30/11 Lake Meridian, WA 
2MT080 Richard 06/22/11 Pittsburgh, PA 
2MT085 JW 10/24/09 Spanaway, WA 
2MT087 Dave 12/13/08 Port Orchard, WA 
2MT088 Mike 11/29/08 Federal Way, WA 
2MT094 Hawk 02/19/11 Graham, WA 
2MT096 Chris 10/09/10 Pensacola, FL 
2MT099 Brian 12/20/08 Des Moines, WA 
2MT1000 Frank 08/15/09 Covington, WA 
2MT1007 Adrianna (Youth) 04/25/09 Burien, WA 
2MT1008 Larry 08/13/11 Allyn, WA 
2MT101 Stu 01/03/09 Tukwila, WA 
2MT1010 Willy 10/10/09 Kent,WA 
2MT102 Ryan 12/27/08 Black Diamond, WA 
2MT1041 Jason 10/10/09 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT1049 Mike 06/17/10 Olympia, WA 
2MT1056 Sonny 10/05/13 Utica, KY 
2MT106 John 03/20/10 S. Everett, WA 
2MT107 Mark 09/03/10 Puyallup, WA 
2MT1078 Dennis 03/28/09 Port Orchard, WA 
2MT108 Gerri 09/11/10 Puyallup, WA 
2MT10833 Whitey 01/09/10 Tacoma, WA 
2MT109 April 11/25/13 Owensboro, KY 
2MT110 Al 02/09/13 Shelton, WA 
2MT1102 Robert 08/11/12 Edgar, Montana 
2MT111 Gene 12/13/09 Tacoma, WA 
2MT1115 Kaylin (Youth) 05/21/11 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT112 Scott 10/12/12 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT113 Mike 01/01/94 Hastings, MI 
2MT1131 Art 01/18/14 Graham, WA 
2MT1136 Al 11/20/10 Kent, WA 
2MT114 Pedro 09/28/13 Renton, WA 
2MT115 AL 10/19/13 Sumner, WA 
2MT116 Larry 02/03/12 Shelton, WA 
2MT1164 Jay 08/24/09 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT1165 Dee 04/18/10 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT117 Paul 03/23/13 Maple Valley, WA 
2MT1188 Bill 12/20/08 Roy, WA 
2MT119 Tom 04/06/13 Christney, IN 
2MT122 William 11/21/09 Shelton, WA 
2MT123 Diana 11/21/09 Shelton, WA 
2MT1236 Storme 09/21/13 Freeland, WA 
2MT124 Ron 12/25/11 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT1244 Ray 12/26/09 Graham, WA 
2MT125 Ray 01/03/09 Des Moines, WA 
2MT1269 Danny 05/24/14 South Rim Grand Canyon 
2MT129 Pam 05/22/10 Puyallup, WA 
2MT130 Billy 08/28/13 Hardinsburg, KY 
2MT1301 Rhonda 04/02/13 Dundee, KY 
2MT131 Mike 07/04/12 Salt Lake City, UT 
2MT132 Joe 10/31/09 Monroe, WA 
2MT134 Rick 11/29/10 Orange City, FL 
2MT135 Ladd 07/02/11 Granite Falls, WA 
2MT1368 Ross 03/21/14 Phelan, CA 
2MT1369 Jason 11/01/11 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT138 Jim 03/10/12 Enumclaw, WA 
2MT139 Eldon 03/28/09 Graham, WA 
2MT140 Bill 11/15/11 Yelm, WA 
2MT1407 Eric (Twitch) 11/03/13 Buckley, WA 
2MT141 *Number Retired  Daryl .....***Silent Key 10/11/2009*** 11/01/08 Tacoma, WA 
2MT142 Steve 06/03/09 Central, CA 
2MT143 Con 07/23/10 Citrus Heights, CA 
2MT148 Hunter 01/26/13 Auburn, WA 
2MT150 Gary 03/11/13 McKenna, WA 
2MT1504 Ryan 06/13/09 Sulton Sea, CA 
2MT151 Bryan ***SILENT KEY 10/19/2017*** 01/26/13 West Seattle, WA 
2MT1540 Nick 10/26/12 Eatonville, WA 
2MT1544 Mike 11/06/10 Silverdale, WA 
2MT156 Kirk 07/14/10 Minot, ND 
2MT1560 Jim 01/16/09 Graham, WA 
2MT1573 Mike 01/31/09 Monroe, WA 
2MT161 Rick 10/20/13 Owensboro, KY 
2MT162 Dave 12/25/12 Norman, OK 
2MT163 Bob 12/28/13 Tacoma, WA 
2MT164 Garnet 01/07/14 Central City, KY 
2MT165 Chet (Youth) 10/20/12 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT167 Ron 04/18/10 Moreno Valley, CA 
2MT168 Jeff 09/21/08 Graham, WA  
2MT169 Scott 05/02/09 Edgewood, WA 
2MT1707 Jeff 11/14/09 Everett, WA 
2MT171 Travis 01/02/10 Tacoma, WA 
2MT1710 Tim 01/08/12 Winterset, IA 
2MT172 Roland 04/09/11 Puyallup, WA 
2MT172.5 Tammy 12/22/12 Puyallup, WA 
2MT173 Rick 02/06/10 Lynwood, WA 
2MT174 Darin 06/21/09 Auburn, WA 
2MT175 Terresa 01/03/10 Auburn, WA 
2MT176 Devon (Youth) 07/03/10 Auburn, WA 
2MT177 Ashlynn (Youth) 07/03/10 Auburn, WA 
2MT1777 Larry 02/22/14 Owensboro, KY 
2MT178 Larry 12/24/09 Mount Vernon, WA 
2MT1804 *Number retired Davy....***Silent Key May 27th 2016*** 04/24/10 Shelton, WA 
2MT182 Jim 01/10/09 N. Bellevue, WA 
2MT1839 Dean 01/17/14 Key Pennisula, WA 
2MT1861 Morton 11/09/06 Buckley, WA 
2MT1866 Jay 05/22/10 Port Orchard, WA 
2MT1867 Leann 10/08/11 Port Orchard, WA 
2MT187 Dana 07/18/09 Tacoma, WA 
2MT188 Matt 06/09/12 Puyallup, WA 
2MT1911 Don 10/14/08 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT1926 Roy 08/07/10 Belfair, WA 
2MT194 John 01/10/09 Auburn, Wa 
2MT1954 Judy 09/29/12 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT1973 Brian 04/16/12 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT1974 Matthew 08/21/12 Spanaway, WA 
2MT1977 Brian 11/29/09 Spanaway, WA 
2MT1987 Mark 07/17/10 Spanaway, WA 
2MT1989 Tollar 07/17/10 Seattle, WA 
2MT1996 Amber 02/23/14 Port Orchard, WA 
2MT1997 Marv 05/22/10 Sea Beck, WA 
2MT2001 *Number Retired Henry .....****Silent Key**** 01/01/94 Houston, TX 
2MT2011 Peter 04/30/11 Yelm, WA 
2MT202 Joe 10/01/13 Owensboro, KY 
2MT204 Dennis (CHARTER MEMBER) 01/01/93  Enumclaw, WA 
2MT205 Danny 05/03/13 Newburgh,IN 
2MT2052 Dan ***100th Member*** 07/04/09 Bothell. WA 
2MT206 Kevin  03/31/12 Stanwood, WA 
2MT2065 Gus 05/04/09 Lancaster, CA 
2MT210 Mike 04/18/09 Burien, WA 
2MT211 Pilar 10/29/11 Burien, WA 
2MT2112 Tim 01/22/12 Reno, NV 
2MT212 Joe 10/09/11 Seattle, WA 
2MT214 Danny 01/01/94 Indianapolis, IN 
2MT215 Aaron 04/14/12 Enumclaw, WA 
2MT2165 Roy 11/21/12 Port Orchard, WA 
2MT217 Herman 06/01/13 Whitesville, KY 
2MT2171 Rick 07/07/12 Puyallup, WA 
2MT220 Don 02/03/10 Rodeo, CA 
2MT222.5 Carrie 09/26/09 Orting, WA 
2MT222 *Number Retired Urmas ....***SILENT KEY 3/27/2015*** 09/21/08 Orting, WA 
2MT223 Bob 12/26/11 Auburn, WA 
2MT2254 Kitty  11/08/08 Burien, WA 
2MT2262 Walt 01/05/13 Enumclaw, WA 
2MT231 Lowell 11/17/13 Beaver Dam, KY 
2MT232 Eric 08/05/11 Dayton, OH 
2MT233 Brad 03/17/12 Spanaway, WA 
2MT234 Wayne 10/08/11 Lakewood, WA 
2MT235 Brandon (Youth) 03/17/12 Federal Way, WA 
2MT238 Dan 02/28/09 Tiger Mountain, WA 
2MT2388 Roger 06/26/11 Santa Clara, CA 
2MT242 Wade 01/05/13 Auburn, WA 
2MT243 Norm 01/10/09 Eatonville, WA 
2MT2450 Walter 03/07/09 Cougar Mountain, WA 
2MT246 Karen 01/05/13 Auburn, WA 
2MT249 Mike 11/16/13 Grapeview, WA 
2MT250 Jim 09/09/13 Stanley, KY 
2MT251 Dave 05/08/10 Puyallup, WA 
2MT252 Warren 07/01/13 Graham, WA 
2MT253 Lynn 07/17/10 Riverside, WA 
2MT2547 JL 06/23/14 Hemet, CA 
2MT255 Dave  12/13/13 Las Vegas, NV 
2MT264 Brian 05/22/10 Mountain View, CA 
2MT269 Bill 12/06/08 Sea Tac, WA 
2MT271 John 03/19/11 Wilkes Barre, Pa. 
2MT271.5 Phyllis 03/19/11 Wilkes Barre, Pa. 
2MT273 Pete 06/01/13 Covington, WA 
2MT2805 Brian 11/27/10 Steilacoom, WA 
2MT281 Chris 10/19/13 Oak Harbor, WA 
2MT282 James 02/14/09 Burien, WA 
2MT2828 Pam 11/07/09 Parkland WA 
2MT286  Wayne  11/25/13 Reo, IN 
2MT2889 Alan 10/09/10 Bremerton, WA 
2MT289 Boomer 04/06/13 Sandridge, IN 
2MT2936 Jr. 11/17/13 Owensboro, KY 
2MT294 Jack 04/06/13 Dayton, OH 
2MT298 Rich 11/19/11 Graham, WA 
2MT299 Howard 04/17/10 Auburn, WA 
2MT300 Rick 08/19/11 Wanna, WA 
2MT301 Mike 04/23/11 Kapowsin, WA 
2MT302 Paul 01/24/09 Lakewood, WA 
2MT303 *Number Retired Bob ....***Silent Key**** 01/01/06 Puyallup, WA 
2MT304 Ron 06/07/14 Tacoma, WA 
2MT305 Mike 10/05/13 Owensboro, KY 
2MT308 Chip 04/19/14 Olympia, WA 
2MT3083 Duane 03/07/09 Tacoma, WA 
2MT309 Eric 10/09/10 Everett, WA 
2MT311 Halie (youth) 03/22/09 Vashon, WA 
2MT312 Joe 08/11/12 White Center, WA 
2MT3120 Dennis (Wobbles) 06/19/10 Hackberry, AZ 
2MT315 Malcom 03/10/12 Stillicum, WA 
2MT317 Guy 03/28/09 Snohomish, WA 
2MT322 John C 05/16/13 Fordsville, KY 
2MT323 Johnny 10/11/11 Snake River, TX 
2MT327 Scott 11/12/10 Ventura, CA 
2MT330 Mike (250th Member) 02/12/11 Renton, WA 
2MT331 Eric 04/10/12 Puyallup, WA 
2MT333 Nathan 02/28/14 Oklahoma City, OK 
2MT338 Corey 08/06/11 Lacey, WA 
2MT340 Barb 04/10/12 Puyallup, WA 
2MT342 Myron 07/20/13 Hazen, ND 
2MT343 Gary 04/01/13 Dundee, KY 
2MT3434 Jeff 10/11/13 Kimberly, ID 
2MT344 Bill 11/21/09 Bothell, WA 
2MT3456 Shane 02/21/09 Burien, WA 
2MT348 Eldon **350th Member** 05/20/12 Spanaway, WA 
2MT350 Dale 08/24/11 Eatonville, WA 
2MT352 Pete 05/02/13 Owensboro, KY 
2MT3559 Don 10/10/13 Monrovia, CA 
2MT357 Darin 04/17/10 Bothell, WA 
2MT363 Leroy 11/19/11 Shelton, WA 
2MT365 David 06/02/12 Auburn, WA 
2MT367 Claude 03/23/14 McRae, GA 
2MT368 Marty 10/22/11 Renton, WA 
2MT369 Leo 06/05/10 N. Lake Tapps, WA 
2MT371 *Number Retired Chuck....*** Silent Key 10/06/2016*** 11/01/08  N. Lake Tapps, WA 
2MT374 *Number Retired Harvey ....***Silent Key 3/27/2013*** 12/05/09 Hartstine Island, WA 
2MT375 Doug 10/13/12 Puyallup,WA 
2MT377 Jim 05/13/12 Puyallup, WA 
2MT3806 Rob 02/03/12 Enumclaw, WA 
2MT3820 Tim 09/17/12 Pahrump, NV 
2MT383 Robert 01/04/12 Ceres, CA 
2MT385 Jim 10/08/11 Renton, WA 
2MT390 Tim 06/05/10 Olalla, WA 
2MT391 Gary 04/14/11 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT3939 Todd 01/18/14 Hobart, WA 
2MT399 Harold 04/06/13 Owensboro, KY 
2MT400 JD 07/08/12 Graham, WA 
2MT401 Thom 04/17/10 Kent, WA 
2MT402 Jerry 04/07/13 Calhoun, Ky 
2MT407 Dakota 09/02/13 Hartford, KY 
2MT408 *Number Retired Bob ....***Silent Key 04/30/13*** 04/06/13 Handcock County., KY 
2MT411 John (CHARTER MEMBER) 11/09/06 Fife, WA 
2MT412 Roberta 07/25/09 Fife, WA 
2MT413 Hunter 08/28/10 Puyallup, WA 
2MT413.5 Ashley 02/25/12 Puyallup, WA 
2MT414 Bill 01/17/09 Roy, WA 
2MT418 Terry 03/27/11 Mineral, WA 
2MT419 Casey 01/10/09 Federal Way, WA 
2MT420 Mark ***200th Member**** 07/17/10 Tacoma, WA  
2MT425 Paul 02/17/11 Port Angles, WA 
2MT426 Aaron 01/05/13 McKenna, WA 
2MT427 Don 12/07/13 White Center, WA 
2MT428 Ken 04/04/09 Federal Way, WA 
2MT431 Eric  09/27/08 Burien, WA 
2MT4414 Robert 10/19/10 Spanaway, WA 
2MT442 Mike 04/14/12 Port Orchard, WA 
2MT444 Jim 01/01/95 South Prairie, WA 
2MT448 Ken 01/17/09 Shelton, WA 
2MT449 Bruce 01/08/11 Clearview, WA 
2MT451 Tim 07/19/14 Normandy Park, WA 
2MT452 Chris 05/23/12 Port Orchard, WA 
2MT454 Jeff (CHARTER MEMBER) 01/01/93  Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT4545 Lee 11/01/09 Rainier, OR 
2MT455 Sue (CHARTER MEMBER) 01/01/93  Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT456 Kathy (CHARTER MEMBER) 01/01/93  Enumclaw, WA 
2MT4570 *Number Retired Ed........ ***SILENT kEY 09/18/15 *** 04/25/09 Bremerton, WA 
2MT459 Jim 08/19/13 Sargo, KY 
2MT460 Trey 11/28/09 Snohomish, WA 
2MT462 Heath 05/20/14 Rockport, IN 
2MT468 Heather 01/28/11 Enumclaw, WA 
2MT469 Chris 06/09/12 Mineral, WA 
2MT470 Jonah 10/09/10 Eatonville, WA 
2MT471 Denise 04/30/11 Eatonville, WA 
2MT475 Moose (Alex) 09/03/11 Selah, WA 
2MT477 *Number Retired Dave....***Silent Key 02/19/16*** 01/17/09 Key Penninsula, WA 
2MT480 Allen 03/28/13 Owensboro,Ky 
2MT483 Mike 05/25/14 Newtonville, IN 
2MT484 Jeff 01/19/13 Pomona, CA 
2MT486 Dave 11/29/08 South Hill Puyallup, WA 
2MT491 Jerry Lee 05/03/13 Hancock County, KY 
2MT499 Jay 06/19/10 Graham, WA 
2MT500 Hayden (Youth) 07/18/09 Federal Way, WA 
2MT501 Preston (Youth) 07/18/09 Federal Way, WA 
2MT502 Kyle 05/07/11 Victorville, CA 
2MT507 Owen 06/21/11 Browns Point Tacoma, WA 
2MT512 Julie 12/21/13 Owensboro, KY 
2MT513 Mike 08/21/10 Puyallup, WA 
2MT5133 Al 09/27/08 Covington, WA 
2MT514 Mike 01/10/10 Covington, WA 
2MT5150 Steven 05/01/10 Tacoma, WA 
2MT517 Thomas 05/28/11 Hemit, CA 
2MT518 Nathaniel 10/12/13 White Center, WA 
2MT519 Bob (CHARTER MEMBER) 01/01/94  Lake Tahoe, CA 
2MT5210 Glenn 10/04/12 Marlboro, NY 
2MT521 *Number Retired  Richard .... ***Silent Key 7/11/15*** 02/19/11 Graham, WA 
2MT522 Tony 05/21/11 Tacoma, WA 
2MT526 Shelby 05/16/13 Owensboro, KY 
2MT531 Scott 08/05/11 Spokane Wa 
2MT532 Art 02/06/11 South Hill Puyallup, WA 
2MT5330 *Number Retired  Jim ......***Silent Key 3/26/11*** 08/14/10 Woodland, CA 
2MT535 Curt 01/01/97 Carbonado, WA 
2MT541 John 01/16/09 Edmonds, WA 
2MT545 Bill 2/26/14 Utica, KY 
2MT548 Chuck 11/16/13 Burien, WA 
2MT549 Chuck 01/01/14 Burien, WA 
2MT5508 Tad 07/02/11 Arlington, WA 
2MT5509 Jacob 12/14/13 Arlington, WA 
2MT552 Joe 12/05/10 Seattle, WA 
2MT555 Monte 05/23/09 Vacaville, CA 
2MT565 Brad 11/13/10 Sea Tac, WA 
2MT567 Joe 02/06/10 Kingston, WA 
2MT574 Lee 01/01/09 Olympia, WA 
2MT576 Wyatt 06/02/12 Buckley, WA 
2MT584 Kyle 06/05/11 Battle Ground, WA 
2MT5868 Ted 03/05/11 Roy, WA 
2MT5868.5 Cheryl 03/05/11 Roy, WA 
2MT591 Larry 11/07/09 Tacoma, WA 
2MT597 Will 02/06/10 Graham, WA 
2MT600 Ted 07/03/10 Buckley, WA 
2MT601 Craig 06/02/12 Issaquah, WA 
2MT605 Chuck 08/15/09 West Seattle, WA 
2MT606 Harold 05/03/12 Bonners Ferry, ID 
2MT607 Linda Lee 05/15/12 Bonners Ferry, ID 
2MT6113 Bill 02/17/14 Knoxville, TN 
2MT616 Ronnie 11/23/13 Owensboro, KY 
2MT617 Ray 11/16/13 South Prairie, WA 
2MT6250 *Number Retired Patrick......***Silent Key 05/02/15** 02/07/09 Puyallup, WA 
2MT626 Harold 01/08/11 Kent, WA (Panther Lake) 
2MT6276 Terry  11/08/08 Burien, WA 
2MT632 Mark 02/12/11 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT640 Randy 01/28/11 Selah, WA 
2MT642 Heath 05/02/14 Rockport, IN 
2MT643 Scott 03/28/09 Greenwater, WA 
2MT645 Jay 10/10/09 Tacoma, WA 
2MT6462 Richard 04/03/10 Tacoma, WA 
2MT646 *Number Retired  George..... ***Silent Key 10/2015*** 07/31/13 Graham, WA 
2MT647 Bill 12/26/09 Federal Way, WA 
2MT651 Noah (Youth) 03/10/12 Little Rock, WA 
2MT652 Rick 06/06/14 Owensboro, KY 
2MT654 Taylor 04/17/10 Port Orchard, WA 
2MT655 Jerry 03/18/10 Port Orchard, WA 
2MT656 Jessica 09/18/10 Port Orchard, WA 
2MT658 Greg 01/09/14 Bloomington, IN 
2MT6636 Al 10/31/10 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT666 Kevin 04/18/09 Federal Way, WA 
2MT669 Robert 05/15/10 Moyie Springs, ID 
2MT674 Mark 02/21/09 Parkland, WA 
2MT6818 Mitch 04/17/10 Vashon, WA 
2MT686 Jeremy 11/03/12 Black Diamond,WA 
2MT6968 Kathy 06/22/13 Alderton, WA 
2MT6969  Mike 09/15/12 Alderton, WA 
2MT697  Mike  11/01/08 Covington, WA 
2MT703 Elisa 05/07/11 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT705 Dale 12/28/09 Yelm, WA 
2MT706 Jason 05/21/11 Nettleton, Mississippi 
2MT707 Dan 07/02/11 Tacoma, WA 
2MT710 Gordon 09/19/09 Spanaway, WA 
2MT711 James 01/01/12 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT712 Chad 01/23/10 Lake City, WA 
2MT7134 Justine 02/05/11 Vashon, WA 
2MT717 Justin 02/11/12 Federal Way, WA 
2MT7177 Dennis 01/02/10 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT719 Dempsey 02/22/14 Fordsville, KY 
2MT721 David 12/19/09 Bellingham, WA 
2MT722 Dan 06/05/10 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT726 Alyssa 12/04/10 Puyallup, WA 
2MT730 Roland 09/19/13 Owensboro, KY 
2MT731 Jo Anne 06/21/11 West Seattle, WA 
2MT737 Gene 10/22/11 Renton, WA 
2MT745 Rick 11/21/09 Spanaway, WA 
2MT747 Dennis 09/10/09 Parkland, WA 
2MT748 Kay 09/10/09 Parkland, WA 
2MT749 Ray 03/07/09 Sunny Slope, WA  
2MT7528 Justin 11/29/10 Seattle, WA 
2MT753 Ted  10/25/08 Renton, WA 
2MT757 Chuck 12/20/09 Buckley, WA 
2MT758 Penny 12/21/09 Buckley, WA 
2MT774 Bob 12/24/11 Puyallup, WA 
2MT777 Ken 02/14/09 Lake Stevens, WA 
2MT7777 Kris 11/20/10 Puyallup, WA 
2MT785 Danielle 01/12/13 White Center, WA 
2MT788 Stu 04/28/13 Covington, WA 
2MT798 Joe 04/25/09 Port Orchard, WA 
2MT803 Lee 02/06/10 Issaquah, WA 
2MT804 April 12/13/08 Issaquah, WA 
2MT805 Dave 01/23/10 Everett, WA 
2MT808 Bill  09/21/08 Puyallup, WA 
2MT815 Brian 09/21/08  Enumclaw, WA 
2MT820 Rob 09/09/13 Owensboro, KY 
2MT823 Linda 10/05/13 Owensboro, KY 
2MT825 D.J (CHARTER MEMBER) 01/01/94 Enumclaw, WA 
2MT830 Chris 05/29/10 Quilcene, WA 
2MT832 Jim 07/10/10 Tacoma, WA 
2MT833 Steve 11/09/11 Olympia, WA 
2MT836 Steve 10/12/13 Crawfordsville, IN 
2MT838 Roger 04/06/13 Lewisport, KY 
2MT844 Eric 10/11/10 Tacoma, WA 
2MT848 Bob 09/18/10 West Seattle, WA 
2MT851 Steve 06/26/12 Oak Harbor, WA 
2MT857 Danny 05/03/13 Utica, KY 
2MT866 Clayton 09/01/12 Macclenny,FL 
2MT875 Reed 08/08/09 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT882 Sinan 06/28/14 Lake Young, WA 
2MT8855 Dave 11/16/08 Vashon, WA 
2MT8869 Debbie 04/23/11 Yelm, WA 
2MT887 Jedi 02/06/10 Tacoma, WA 
2MT888 John 07/25/09 Kennydale, WA 
2MT894 Melvin 11/19/11 Shelton, WA 
2MT899 Mark 03/28/09 Tacoma, WA 
2MT901 Mike 02/23/13 Port Orchard, WA 
2MT903 Don 06/05/11 West Seattle, WA 
2MT906 Steve 11/14/08 Lacey, WA 
2MT908 Guy 01/01/09 Sea Tac, WA 
2MT911 Chris 11/16/13 Owensboro, KY 
2MT922 Nadine 06/09/12 Mud Mountain, WA 
2MT925 David 08/15/09 Wilkeson, WA 
2MT926 Al (CHARTER MEMBER) 01/01/93  Black Diamond, WA 
2MT927 Molly (CHARTER MEMBER) 01/01/93  Black Diamond, WA 
2MT9284 Charlie 09/26/10 Lake Sawyer, WA 
2MT932 Arley 02/08/09 Orting, WA 
2MT937 Wes ***SILENT KEY 6/8/18*** 10/11/08 White Center, WA 
2MT9370 Jake 06/11/11 Vashon Island, WA 
2MT939 Gary 03/09/13 Puyallup, WA 
2MT941 Del (JR CHARTER) 09/21/08 Enumclaw, WA 
2MT942 Barry 10/31/09 Mud Mountain, WA 
2MT943 Matt 02/07/09 Chicago, IL 
2MT944 Mike 01/22/11 Enumclaw, WA 
2MT949 Russ 04/24/10 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT950 Marty 03/27/13 Whitesville, KY 
2MT951 Cole ***300th Member*** 10/08/11 Mineral, WA 
2MT954 Ross 01/09/10 Tacoma, WA 
2MT955 Gene 02/27/10 Puyallup, WA 
2MT959 Dave 09/14/10 Vancouver, BC 
2MT973 Steve 04/11/09 Graham, WA 
2MT979 Hal 01/03/09 Elma/Matlock, WA 
2MT983 Lee 11/23/12 Rockport, IN 
2MT989 Dan 10/14/11 Milwaukee, WI 
2MT992 Troy 12/31/11 Winlock, WA 
2MT995 Jim 02/13/10 Port Orchard, WA 
2MT999 Bo 02/02/13 Bonney Lake, WA 
2MT9999 Daniel 02/19/11 Puyallup, WA 
33MT242 Allen 12/09/11 St. Marys, AK 
33MT244 John 03/15/14 Anchorage, AK 
33MT333 Richard 11/09/11 Kenai Alaska 
9MT044 Joe 12/24/11 Guelph,Ont. Canada. 
9MT2000 Klondike Mike (Robin) 07/23/11 Edmonton Alberta, CAN 
9MT334 Debbie 11/03/13 Ontario, CA 
9MT384 Dan 12/30/11 Williams Lake, BC, Canada 
9MT778 Steve 03/26/14 Vancouver BC, Canada 
9MT945 Wil 05/10/14 Guelph, Ont. Canada 
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