The Old 23's or 69'ers ?

It could refer to their ages... Or the year of their favorite car... Or maybe....  naaaa!
It's a provocative name but how the heck does that relate to CB Radio?

The first 23 Channel SSB Radios to hit the shelves back in the early days gave a huge increase
in channel capability! With 23AM and 23LSB and 23USB it was a major upgrade and selling 
point.  Yes indeed they had 69 channels! It was only a few years earlier that you might have been
 lucky enough to have 6 channels!  One of the only places left around to acknowledge these
wonderful old "Top Of The Line" rigs is right here at The Mountain Thunder Radio Group.  

We have been having a 69'er Log in prior to our big log in down on 16LSB. It has been open to the 
23CH (69'ers) or tube type only SSB CB Radios. These guys really love this hobby. Enough in fact to 
"dig out" more and more unusual 69'ers! These things sound really great.  They have great audio
and great receive. You can pay almost nothing for some or pay a lot for a mint condition addition 
to your collection!

So, this little part of our web page is going to be donated the 69'ers! Please give it a little time to evolve!
I will try to make it interesting for you all.  
Here are some of the 69'ers people have been logging in on!