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Do you remember the "FM" (fat mouth) club?

This was a very popular group that  was really big here in the Pacific Northwest.  I think it started in Seattle, West Seattle,  Burien area around 1980 and went international.  Someone still had a photocopy edition of the roster from 1993.  That would make it one of the more complete editions. Either way it is a great part of our SSB CB history.  I found myself listed while living in West Seattle.  We moved from there in approx 1982!  I figured it may be one of the only  copies left so I thought it was the Mountain Thunder Radio Group's duty to scan it and preserve part of our radio history.

How The FATMOUTHS  Began... 
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Click the image below to view the roster!
Do you have an old club roster?  Like maybe the Whisky Group,
42 Whisky, 42Whisky Brovo,  ASN Group, Volcano Group, FHB
Group or the X-ray group? We would love to have a copy!