THE MOUNTAIN THUNDER RADIO GROUP started as a CB SSB club from the Pacific Northwest. The group was devised to re-fire an interest in a dying antiquated mode of the radio hobby. The FCC quit policing the CB radio band and by the 1990's CB had really had gone downhill fast. All that was left in the Washington State area was a bunch of foul mouthed children and over powered truck drivers on the 11 meter band. There was only a small group of "real SSB CB operators" who remained. These operators decided that just for fun the would all log in one night with there oldest radio gear. There was little or no bad language. Common radio courtesy was observed and people listened. It showed what could be done and the CB band and it was worth saving. More and more CB SSB operators started logging in. The Mountain Thunder Radio Group started providing a new "cleaned up" type of CB operator that was just leading by example. And so the group started in 1993 from the Pierce County / South King County area of Washington State by Jeff MT454 and a handful of operators. The group members quickly covered western side of Washington State. Now, it is the largest CB SSB radio club in the Northwestern United States numbering near 600. Our group has become very popular because of the log in (radio nets) they hold every Saturday Night. The first is for the Old 23CH SSB radios held on the original SSB call frequency CH16 LSB at 6:30PM. The big net starts at 7:00 pm on CH 37 LSB. This Log In has drawn as many as 70 CB operators per event in 2011.These operators have learned by having and setting good examples on the air. They know how to radio relay. They know how to pass traffic. They make phone patch log in's for the net. They understand the importance of the help they can provide in an emergency requiring communication by radio from areas with no phone service. They know how to provide a service to our community! If you are a new member to the Mountain Thunder Radio Group, hold on, sit back and listen! It's an amazing and fun example of old and new technology working together. Welcome to today's world of CB SSB Hobby Radio!

It's a Mountain Thunder CB Merry Christmas Mobile!
Jason MT1369