The Mountain Thunder Radio Group

is an 11-meter CB SSB club that started in the Pacific Northwest. The group was devised to re-fire an interest in a dying antiquated hobby. Now, it is the largest CB SSB radio club in the Northwestern United States. The group started in 1993 from the Pierce County / South King County area of Washington State by Jeff MT454. The group members quickly covered western side of Washington State.

Our group has become very popular because of a log in (radio net) they hold every Saturday Night at 7:00 pm on 27.375 LSB. This Log In has drawn as many as 70 CB operators per event in 2011. With the group’s quick expanse of CB operators, and a good Internet presence, they have started to expand across the United States.

The Mountain Thunder Radio Group is made up of operators who want a family type environment to evolve on the CB radio. With almost no FCC rules enforced on the CB band any more, the Mountain Thunder Radio Group wants to lead by presenting a good example and make the CB radio a fun place to be!


The Turkey Shoot was a "BLAST"!

For those of you who missed out, you REALLY missed out!
 Here are some pictures of the Mountain Thunder Radio Group Turkey Shoot 2015