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Vignette Lens Filter

vignette lens filter
    lens filter
  • (Lens Filters) Attached to the end of the lens to achieve certain filter effects.
  • In photography and videography, a filter is a camera accessory consisting of an optical filter that can be inserted in the optical path.
  • A brief evocative description, account, or episode
  • A small ornamental design filling a space in a book or carving, typically based on foliage
  • sketch: a brief literary description
  • A small illustration or portrait photograph that fades into its background without a definite border
  • a small illustrative sketch (as sometimes placed at the beginning of chapters in books)
  • a photograph whose edges shade off gradually
vignette lens filter - Opteka EW-83J
Opteka EW-83J Lens Hood for Canon EF 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens
Opteka EW-83J Lens Hood for Canon EF 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens
The addition of a lens hood can help prevent flares--those circles of light that can accompany images where a strong light source is just outside the fame. These types of lens flares occur when indirect light rays pass through the front lens elements but don't make it all the way through to the image sensor. Opteka's EW-83J Lens Hood is designed for the Canon EF 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens. Lens hoods are primarily designed to prevent unwanted stray light from entering the lens by extending and shading the end of the lens. In addition, since the end of the lens is extended, you also get the added benefit of some extra protection from accidental impact. This dedicated lens hood is designed to match the specific focal length of the lens it was designed for.

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Jelly Lens buat yang mau dapet efek foto di kamera handphone atau pocket cameranya... bisa untuk semua tipe HP dan kamera pocket... tinggal tempel, terus foto-foto deeh... perekatnya kaya jelly kenyal-kenyal lengket gituu... yang mau tanya-tanya atau langsung pesen silakan sms ke 08128383394 jenis-jenis jelly lens 1. Wide Angle (Fish Eye) - memberikan efek objek terdekat jadi membesar 2. Strecth - memberikan efek objek bisa membesar atau mengurus 3. 6 Image Mirage - memberikan efek objek jad...i bertumpuk 6 4. 3 Image Mirage - memberikan efek objek jadi bertumpuk 3 5. Heart Frame/Blue Filter - memberikan efek bingkai hati dan hasil foto jadi membiru 6. Star/Antique - memberikan efek bingkai bintang dan hasil foto jadi sephia 7. Soft Lens - memberikan efek sekliling objek jadi buram halus 8. Close Up - memberikan efek objek dalam ukuran lebih besar & terfokus 9. Starburst - memberikan efek sekliling objek jadi buram tajam 10. Spark - memberikan efek objek cahaya seperti bintang berkilauan 11. Polarized - mengurangi efek pantulan kaca sehingga objek lebih jelas 12. Vignette - memberikan efek sekliling objek bagian kanan bawah buram HARGA @45.000
Lens Effects RC2 + Clean 3
Lens Effects RC2 + Clean 3
This is a photo of my neighbor, who nicely agreed to sit for an "ugly" portrait. (I love having neighbors who like to experiment with me). The image on the left is from the RAW file, straight from the camera. The Lens Effects image used "Toy Camera" with modification, "Tilt/Shift" with the split at 180 degrees and about 50%. I softened the image just a bit using the "Clean 3" plug-in. Total time for processing was about 2 minutes (not counting the time it took for me to decide which plug-in and filters to use. I know it may be too yellow for most people, but it is a good example of what a few simple steps can accomplish. Adding a few more minutes of "thought" and some textures could improve things, but my purpose here was to keep it as simple as possible.

vignette lens filter
vignette lens filter
CyberShot DSC-H10 H5 H3 H2 H1 F828 F717 F707 Ultimate 15 Piece lens Kit Package Includes 0.20X Super Wide Angle Fisheye lens, 2.2X HD Telephoto Lens, 5PC Pro Macro Lens Set, 3PC UV, PL, FLD Filter + Extras
We at 47th Street Photo assemble a large array of digital camera kits to help you make the most of your photography experience, 47th Street Photo makes every effort to ensure your complete satisfaction and we put a lot of thought in to which accessories you need in order to take your photography to the next level.

In this kit 47th Street Photo put together the following items:

~ Opteka HD? 0.20X Professional Super AF Fisheye Lens
~ Opteka 2.2x High Definition? Telephoto Lens
~ 3 Piece UV, PL, FLD Hi Definition Filter Kit
~ Opteka Close-Up Set (+1, +2, and +4) with 10x Macro Lens
~ 5 Piece lens Cleaning Kit
~ Flexible table Top Tripod

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