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Chrome Web Filter

chrome web filter
    web filter
  • Content-control software, also known as censorware or web filtering software, is a term for software designed and optimized for controlling what content is permitted to a reader, especially when it is used to restrict material delivered over the Web.
  • (Web filters) You can create Web filters, based on Internet Server API (ISAPI), for viewing, analyzing, blocking, redirecting, or modifying Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) traffic.
  • A feature in the Vista Parental Control that allows user to block access to a specific web site or specific types of web content.
  • Chromium plate as a decorative or protective finish on motor-vehicle fittings and other objects
  • plate with chromium; "chrome bathroom fixtures"
  • treat with a chromium compound
  • Denoting compounds or alloys of chromium
  • another word for chromium when it is used in dyes or pigments
chrome web filter - Web Application
Web Application Obfuscation: '-/WAFs..Evasion..Filters//alert(/Obfuscation/)-'
Web Application Obfuscation: '-/WAFs..Evasion..Filters//alert(/Obfuscation/)-'
Web applications are used every day by millions of users, which is why they are one of the most popular vectors for attackers. Obfuscation of code has allowed hackers to take one attack and create hundreds-if not millions-of variants that can evade your security measures. Web Application Obfuscation takes a look at common Web infrastructure and security controls from an attacker's perspective, allowing the reader to understand the shortcomings of their security systems. Find out how an attacker would bypass different types of security controls, how these very security controls introduce new types of vulnerabilities, and how to avoid common pitfalls in order to strengthen your defenses.

Looks at security tools like IDS/IPS that are often the only defense in protecting sensitive data and assets

Evaluates Web application vulnerabilties from the attacker's perspective and explains how these very systems introduce new types of vulnerabilities

Teaches how to secure your data, including info on browser quirks, new attacks and syntax tricks to add to your defenses against XSS, SQL injection, and more

83% (18)
Old Bridge, New City
Old Bridge, New City
I finally got an “ok” image of one of these bridges. I’ve walked under them with a camera probably 20 times and I’ve taken about 6 photographs in all. Finally I have something I feel is worth sharing. For a while I thought my 6?7 film images weren’t sharp because of my scanner. I’m starting to believe that that’s not the problem, but instead I have to use the mirror lockup on my Mamiya RB67 if I want sharp images. Unfortunately my jpegs still look like garbage when viewed in the browser. I have to figure out what’s going wrong with the exporter because Photoshop’s “Export to Web” is showing a drastically different gamma from what’s shown in Chrome. Shot on HP5+ 400 and souped in Ilfosol S (Film photography). If I remember correctly, F16, 1/4 sec. Yellow filter.
2011-01-13-15 CUSEC2011 197
2011-01-13-15 CUSEC2011 197
From CUSEC Description: Software engineer working on Google Chrome at Google Montreal since 2007, Marc-Antoine used to hack on file system filter drivers. He now works on what he used to call “the user mode stuff”. He implemented printing support in Google Chrome, contributed to the sandbox and is currently working on continuous testing infrastructure and even python web services. Marc-Antoine is a buildbot contributor and you can find him easily on freenode. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Universite de Sherbrooke.

chrome web filter
chrome web filter
iBoss Home Web Filtering Wireless N Router
The iBoss combines the best in Internet Parental Controls with a powerful built-in Wireless Firewall Router to bring you the ultimate in home network protection for your family. The iBoss allows you to share your Internet connection safely at home with all of your wired and wireless computers while providing powerful Internet filtering technology that puts you in control of your Children's activities on the Internet.
Flexible parental controls allow you to easily restrict access to specific categories of Internet destinations and manage your Children's time spent using online programs (online chat and messenger programs, file sharing, gaming and more). Different filtering rules can be setup for different computers. The iBoss generates detailed reports on Internet activity which can be viewed and automatically e-mailed.
Unlike software solutions, one device guards an entire network and makes tampering difficult. Works with Mac, Windows, Linux, gaming devices and iPod Touch. Little computer experience is needed!
Annual Filtering Subscription: $59.95 per Year. Cancel anytime.

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