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china noise filter
    noise filter
  • Noise reduction is the process of removing noise from a signal. Noise reduction techniques are conceptually very similar regardless of the signal being processed, however a priori knowledge of the characteristics of an expected signal can mean the implementations of these techniques vary greatly
  • (Noise Filtering) Cleaning the signal (AC) from any interference.
  • Household tableware or other objects made from this or a similar material
  • a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia; the most populous country in the world
  • A fine white or translucent vitrified ceramic material
  • high quality porcelain originally made only in China
  • Taiwan: a government on the island of Taiwan established in 1949 by Chiang Kai-shek after the conquest of mainland China by the Communists led by Mao Zedong
china noise filter - JBuds J3M
JBuds J3M Micro Atomic In-Ear Earphones with Microphone (Jet Black, iPhone Compatible)
JBuds J3M Micro Atomic In-Ear Earphones with Microphone (Jet Black, iPhone Compatible)
The Mothership has Landed! JBuds J3 Micro Atomic. Full metal housing and components, cold forged from solid aluminum core. Stunning anodized finish. Inline mic and control button for iPhone/Blackberry. Tactile L/R ID system. Revolutionized flex joints. Laser cut bassport. Laser etched logo details. Full spectrum, hyper balanced micro drivers. Legendary JBuds sound. The sleekest, sexiest profile ever. A perfect fit. The J3M Micro Atomic Earphones are the JBuds, redefined. Part of JLab’s futurist new design paradigm, the Atomic Wave. Building on JLab’s legendary JBuds sound signature, the Micro Atomics pair the superior resonance of carefully crafted aluminum housing with perfectly balanced full spectrum drivers to deliver a stunning new level of acoustic performance. The rich, dynamic soundstage features crystal clear highs, deep, full mids, and tight, punchy bass. The J3’s ultra slim, ergonomic profile is designed for easy grip, an amazingly comfortable in-ear fit, and first-class noise isolation. The Micro Atomics are built to last with rugged aluminum housing and components, durable rubber flex joints, premium quality micro-braided anti-tangle cable, stainless steel mesh filters at the sound tube and baseport, durable inline cord slide, and a 24ct gold plated 3.5 mm audio jack. The entire product is covered by JLab’s no hassle one-year warranty. Soft silicone cushions are included in four sizes (XS, S, M, and L) to assure an ideal fit from the smallest ears to the largest. JLab’s Atomic Wave lineup also includes new J3-compatible double flanged silicone tips (sold separately).

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MG 0884dpp
 MG 0884dpp
the 5D2 highISO IQ is good but its low ISO is horrible ,with horrible pattern noise in shadow , I usually see the banding in deep shadow at low ISO when I push shadow more than 25percent or use fill-light in ACR. I dont usually see it at higher ISO than 320. It is an odd issue , I sent my 5D2 in for service and if Canon fixes it I will use it , other wise , I will sell this camera and get a Sony A900. And , IMO, in real life , the 7D kills the 5D2 or the A900 in terms of low light capability since there is no IS-ed f2.8 std zoom as sharp as the EFS17-55f2.8IS mounted on the 7D or the 50D in Canon /Sony and Nikon full frame system ,the 24-70 is overrated , the EFS17-55f2.8ISUSM is much sharper than any of those 24-70 from Canon , Nikon or Sony(I dont call it Zeiss , cause it is not a Zeiss, it is an overpriced Coshina lens with Zeiss name on it). In this scene if I had used my 7D or 50D , I would have only needed ISO1250 or so , but with my EF24-105f4LIS on my 5D2 I needed ISO3200 and the 24-105f4 at f4 is much less sharp than the EFS17-55f2.8IS wide open, and f2.8 on EFS mount gives me a bit deeper DOF than f4 on FF. So, now I am thinking FF is not worth it for me if I only after the exaggerated FF high ISO performance but I think there are some other more important reasons that make FF actually worth considering for some : 1 more DOF options without reaching to diffraction limits. 2 more tonal range at Low ISO and a bit more DR. 3 more prime choices. IMO, the reason 3 is my main reason to get a full frame............So, now I am thinking about selling my EF24-105f4LISUSM and get all prime set up. 1 EF14mmf2.8L. 2 EF24mmf1.4L or Voiktlander 20mmf3.5,which I have on my D700. 3 Sigma 50f1.4HSM or Voiklander 50f1.4. 4 EF85f1.8USM. 5 100f2.8LISUSM. 6 200f2.8Lmark2. 7 300f4LISUSM. I think I will keep my EF70-200f4LISUSM for my 7D and 50D though, for my 5D2 I think I wont use any zoom any more other than my EF16-35f2.8L mark2. I think the 16-35f2.8L is underrated unfairly cause of the uselessly big and super sharp Nikon AFs14-24f2.8Nano, which is not really useful for many applications due to its huge distoriton and huge size with silly filter-thread-less lens design. I think Canon lenses are usually more practical and Nikon bodies are more practial in real life use , for me if I can use my Canon lenses on my D700 or A900 , then it is the best , I dont really trust my 5D2 mechanics , I know how many of my friends had the silly mirror fall-off issue with this camera. And I personally having the low ISO shadow area banding issue and I am exchanging mine to another one, actually I forced local Canon to accept my return although it was already 2 months old. I now strongly believe my previous opinion about FF 's future , was about right, it will definitely be replaced by APS-C , as APS-C will definitely catch up with FF in both IQ and speed...............and generally , APS-C dedicated lenses are sharper and smaller than FF lenses of similar kinds. Maybe with new low price full frame bodies introduced in 2010 , it will become some kind of trend and boom , but it wont last so long cause it is not better in every way compared to much cheaper APSC based systems now available...........probably , FF will be new MFvery soon...... Now , full featured ,weather sealed APS-C bodies like Pentax K7 can be had for 90000yen , while cheapest and most basic full frames cost about 170000yen(the A900 is the cheapest in my area). And as a whole camera(not a sensor) , the Pentax is a much more advanced and well designed camera than the A900(just annoyingly big and slow). And I expect Nikon D400 will probably be an outstanding model, with at least one full stop better high ISO noise performance compared to the current D300s,which is a bad camera in many ways, then it will be a big threat to Nikon 's own the D700 and in Nikon's case , DX lens line is much more matured than its FX lens line. I think Nikon is no longer working with Sony on sensor development and designing , but now , it seems like working with Toshiba or Renases. And I believe Sony , now, lost the biggest business partner for its sensor business.... So, now , sony is so hard working on getting Pentax back to Sony land , and it looks like working well , Pentax now using 12.3 mp sony CMOS in the KX,which should have been in the K7. But Pentax is too small to be Nikon role substitute in Sony sensor business plan. But I think Pentax is ok cause it has developed quite interesting very unique filed oriented camera system, fo me , it is very important that all my field cameras are weather sealed like my old Pentax LX film camera. And Pentax has very interesting Digital only primes and some unique zooms that no one elses has. I think Sony is the first one to go out of this business despite of its current market position being no3 in EU and China. I just hope Pentax will not waste its very small budget R and D money on FF crap but on the K7 series with a
Poached Egg
Poached Egg
After visiting "The Egg" several weeks ago, I decided that a return visit was needed at dusk (last time was night already). Personally, I think this one is my favourite. The Egg, is officially known as the National Centre for Performing Arts. This image is NOT HDR, it is a long exposure taken with my trusty B+W 110 3.0 (10 Stop) filter. Canon 40D | Sigma 10-20mm @ 10mm | f13 | 202 Sec | ISO100 Little processing has been done, apart from a slight crop on the right, and some noise reduction in the sky. The colour comes from a combination of the dusky sky, and the slight colour cast given by the filter. It was a very windy day, and I was very happy with how the water smoothed out!

china noise filter
china noise filter
Etymotic ER23-HF3-BLACK HF3 In-Ear Headsetwith 3-Button Remote Control for iPod, iPhone, iPad (Black)
The hf3 is the next generation of the multi-award-winning hf2 headset. The hf3 headset adds a 3-button remote control to a Made-for-iPod/Made for iPhone/Made for iPad version of the hf2 while maintaining all the design features, exceptional noise isolation and audio clarity of the hf2. The hf3 is designed to work with iPhone, iPad and all current iPod models. The main difference between the hf2 and hf3 is the added benefit of volume control. The hf3 features a 3-button remote control pod with a close-in proximity in-line microphone that makes it easy for iPhone users to pause music to engage in phone conversations, and for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad users to adjust volume and navigate through music tracks while in motion or on the go. ACCU-Fit features provide best-in-class fit and comfort, with four noise-isolating eartips included and a small form factor for easy insertion into ears of all sizes. The hf3's attractive, sub-$200 price level puts it within reach of consumers who care about sound quality, and its choice of three soft-touch colors add a dash of style.

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