How Your Gmail Username is Made

See how Google creates thousands of usernames everyday for folks like you!

A look into Google's username factory...

Every day, eager workers at Google's corporate headquarters in sunny California start their day with a wholesome breakfast (a hungry worker isn't a happy worker), and then get to task creating new Gmail usernames for the thousands of users that sign up every single day!

You can create your own Gmail username by visiting the Gmail homepage. You can sign up for your very own Gmail username using your mobile phone.

How we make your username, step by step:

  1. A vistor to one of Google's many services decides that he or she would like to get a Gmail username.
  2. That visitor might visit Google's Google Account Help page to learn more about Google Accounts. That visitor then visits the Gmail page and fills out a quick-and-easy form.
  3. Somewhere within the Google offices, a bright flashing light alerts workers to the new request. Quickly, a worker tears off a printout listing the new user's details and sprints across the campus towards the engineering department.
  4. The printout is handed off to a Google engineer, who punches a precise pattern of holes into a paper card.  The engineer then feeds the card into the G-Frame computer, which reads the punches and puts the new user information into the large Gmail database.
  5. The engineer then rides a Segway over to the customer service department and hands the printout to a New User Welcoming Representative, who quickly writes a friendly e-mail to the new user and sends it.
  6. The new user recieves a confirmation and can now log in!  The process is complete and the user now has access to a world of helpful and useful Google services.

Okay, one more time... how can I get my own username?

You too can be part of this process. Just visit the Gmail site and sign up using your mobile phone! Have fun with your new Gmail account!