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(garmi ) Watch American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 3 Online

American Horror Story" season 3 episode 3 streaming is a hot subject these days, and by these days I mean today and tomorrow and the day after, the triumvirate of days surrounding the "American Horror Story" episode 3 premiere. That episode, "The Replacements," is the least interesting title so far - but that doesn't mean the episode will be unexciting. Au contraire (that's French for "Oh, Contrary!"). Things are just heating up - after all, this is the pre-Halloween episode. Next time, though... next time will be the big one, the Halloween episode. So don't fall behind - find out where to catch the show on streaming, you little cable-cutter you. UPDATE: GUYS! Jessica Lange is leaving "American Horror Story." Woe is us!
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I think we can all agree, before even seeing "American Horror Story" season 3 episode 3 streaming, on two things: first, that this is the worst-named episode so far; "The Replacements" just doesn't and can't compare to "Bitchcraft" or "Boy Parts." That's okay, though, because seriously, what could matter less? The other thing we can, I hope, all agree on is that "Coven" is the best season of "American Horror Story" yet. Sure, "Asylum" is great, but it's kind of all over the place. But "Coven" has focus. And, like the first season, but unlike "Asylum," "Coven" is quintessentially American (which normally wouldn't matter, but... what's this show called again?). Witches may be worldwide, but the bayou, Cajun culture, and New Orleans are as American as they come.

Anyway, enough blah blah - we know what you're here for. But before we get to "American Horror Story" season 3 episode 3 streaming, here's the official synopsis via FX:

Fiona takes on an unlikely protégé. A guilt-ridden Zoe tries to give Kyle his old life back. Madison has a fiery exchange with Joan Ramsey, a new neighbor.

And here's the second newest teaser for the episode. If you want the actual newest rather than just wait a few more hours for the episode, there's another pretty great teaser on the FX site. But I can't embed it, so just wander over there, or watch this shorter, less illuminating version:

As for actual "American Horror Story" season 3 episode 3 streaming choices, you have two real legal choices: buy it on Amazon or buy it on iTunes. Or watch it on TV, but I assume that's not an option. It's going to be a hundred years before this is on Netflix, and I wish there was a good source for free and legal "American Horror Story" season 3 streaming, but there isn't. You're going to have to pay two bucks a pop for your weekly download and stream, and even sites like Hulu don't have the show.

Am I missing anything? Are there any free and legal "American Horror Story" season 3 episode 3 streaming sites I missed? Let me know in the comments. In the meantime, the show airs tonight at 10 Eastern, 9 Central on FX.