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(Kursii) Watch The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3 Online

Episode 2 of “The Walking Dead” ended with a pretty serious jaw-dropper – the death of two prison inmates. While deaths are not uncommon on the AMC series, what made these deaths so shocking is that they didn’t occur at the hands of a walker. Instead the victims were killed by a mysterious person living with them in the cellblocks.

The people murdered in episode 2, “Infected,” were Karen and David, newcomers to the prison who had the misfortune of coming down with a nasty cough. Due to an illness that Patrick had (which resulted in his death and rise as a walker), the Prison Council decided to quarantine the potentially ill residents. But someone decided to take matters into their own hands.

When Tyreese went to go check on his girlfriend, Karen, he discovered a gruesome sight. Karen’s cell was spattered with blood and had a trail of blood leading out into the courtyard. The trail lead Tyreese straight to two bodies … two bodies that were so badly burned that the only way he was able to recognize Karen was by some metal jewelry she had on.

The episode ended with no clue to who might have decided to play God with their fellow survivors, but according to SpoilerTV we’ll get an answer by the end of episode 3, “Isolation.”
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“I’m not going to tell you who killed Karen and David (even though I know), but I will say that you will get a strong hint of it by the middle of this week’s episode on AMC,” their source Henry Spivey reported. “And it’s confirmed by the very end of the episode this week who did it.

Our theory is that the murderer is one of the core members of the group and possibly part of the Prison Council. Fans will remember that Hershel, Carol, Daryl and Glenn decided that it would be best to keep everyone who could have been infected away from those that were not in C Block. Rick even told Carl that the two of them would have to stay away from baby Judith until they could be sure not to get her ill.

It’s easy to assume that Karen and David were murdered to protect someone’s family from the “new threat.” Could Carl be channeling his inner killer? Would Glenn do anything to protect Maggie? Or has Carol gone off the deep end?

“You find out who did this and you bring them to me,” a very angry Tyreese tells Rick in a promo video for episode 3. “You understand?”

You can watch episode 3, “Isolation,” when it airs on AMC on Sunday at 9 p.m. Let us know your thoughts on who could have possibly murdered Karen and David on “The Walking Dead.

The hit TV show "The Walking Dead" has returned for season 4 with the premiere episode last weekend. This Sunday, season 4 episode 2 will premiere on AMC and there are tons of spoilers circulating around the Internet about Glenn and Maggie, Rick and Carol, and the virus. Will Rick find out Carol's big secret? Will the virus mutate and infect all of the survivors? The episode IS called "Infected" after all.

The show's creator, Robert Kirkman, has told fans that a character that we all know and love will die this episode. Will it be Carol or the governor? Amanda Lynne at HollywoodNewsDaily.com wrote, "While it's already been confirmed that many secondary characters will bite the dust, Kirkman says that fans will 'definitely' see a beloved character die. Okay, now we're scared. Who is it going to be? Our first guess right away is the governor. Michone is hot on his trailer, and tracking him in order to kill him, and we know he's a threat that the gang will have to take care of. However, other rumored deaths this season include Carol and Glen. We're hoping this isn't true because we love Glen, and want to see his epic romance with Maggie play out.